The Aira Connection: Summer 2023

After six years at Aira, Summer has become my favorite time of year since it means spending time with Explorers and Community Partners. I will spend the next three weeks on the road attending ACB, NFB and DisabilityIN. I look forward to meeting many of you in person so please definitely come to the Aira booth and say hello.

Our team has been busy preparing for the summer convention and the last few months have been spent welcoming new leaders to the executive team. Everette Bacon joined recently as our VP of Blindness Initiatives and earlier this week Geoffrey Peddle came aboard as our Chief Technology Officer. These two talented individuals represent Aira’s continued commitments to investing in the community and technology. To see professional’s of their caliber join the organization is incredibly exciting and further supports our mission to bring Visual Interpretation to any blind or low vision individual who wants it.

This January, we announced a pricing increase that was critical for the business to operate and the rollout of that increase was a communication failure. After an internal review and the vocal counsel of my leadership team, I am excited to announce that we will be extending the previously planned December 2023 deadline on consumer subscriptions by one additional year.

What does this Mean?

There are no changes to our individual subscription plans until January 31, 2025. Whether you recently signed up for a new plan or are on an older plan, there will be no alterations.

If you do not have a plan and would like to purchase one, you can choose a new one from the 2023 Plans and Prices for Individuals that were announced earlier this year. For clarity, you may not sign up for one of the 2022 old plans (Intro Standard, Advanced or 2022 NFB and ACB plans).

If you are a member of NFB or ACB and don’t currently have a plan, please come visit us at the Aira booth to learn about our community plans available to only new subscribers.

Finally, I want to encourage all of you to download the new Aira App called Aira Explorer. While many longtime Explorers are enjoying the new experience, there are some who are still using what is now called the Legacy App. I encourage you to take a moment to experience the new app that now enables instant mobile screen sharing with the Agent. Only the new Aira App will be enhanced and support for the old app will end later this year. Our talented technical team has worked to bring this to life and we would love to hear your feedback so please come to the Aira booth and say hello.

Best, Troy Otillio CEO of Aira