Our Approach to Security

Aira Agent with headset talking with Explorer

Aira takes security seriously. Our services, infrastructure and devices provide robust, industry-leading security and privacy to our Explorers, Guests and Aira Access Partners. How we build and run the Aira platform leads with protecting Explorers, Guests and Aira Access Partners’ experiences, data and technology.


Building a secure service takes more than choosing the right security algorithms and implementation libraries. It needs the right architecture as well. That’s why Aira is a proud participant in the Amazon Well-Architected Review process.

Secure Connections

To ensure maximum protection and privacy, all data we store, or move is encrypted. Communications between Aira’s customers, our agents and our platform servers go through industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption – including our smart apps. All video and audio streams between Aira Agents and clients go through Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) encryption.

Protecting Your Data

Aira Explorers trust us with their moments. Data that needs to persist from sessions with our Agents is stored securely via AES encryption with a 256-bit key. We manage our keys with a FIPS 140-2 validated Hardware Security Module (HSM) – both a government requirement, and widely recognized standard for cryptographic key management.

Aira Agents

The security and privacy of both our Explorers and Agents is of the utmost importance to Aira. Therefore, Aira Agents are bound by a strict privacy policy that protects the information Explorers choose to share with Aira. This privacy policy includes restrictions such as: Aira Agents are not permitted to write down Explorer information, always remove all Explorer data from their computer at the end of each session, and must work from a private location using a headset only on a password-protected internet connection. Agents never provide personal information about themselves such as last name, personal contact information, age and familial status. The relationship between the two parties is one built on mutual trust and respect. Without a respect for one another’s privacy, that trust relationship could not exist.


Aira protects the information of our Aira Agents by never selling or providing personal information to third parties, or using personal stories for recruitment or marketing purposes outside of obtaining permissions from the Agent.

Contact Our Security Team

Aira’s Security Team is available to answer any questions you may have. Send an email to security@aira.io if you’ve experienced a suspected phishing attempt, unrequested changes to your password, unrequested changes to your account information, or for any other security concerns.

If you’re a security researcher and believe you’ve discovered a security issue within any of Aira’s services, we’d love to speak with you.