Vispero and Aira: The Right Stuff

Anyone striving to be an astronaut is said to have “the right stuff”. It’s a combination of personal skill and knowing how to use what’s out there to get things done. The same can be said for achieving accessibility. Two powerful additions to your accessibility tool kit are products from Vispero and professional visual interpreting […]

Being Aware of Accessibility on GAAD 

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) carries the important message that everyone should be aware of accessibility and how by doing so, we can change the world. The spirit of this is widely embraced, but what does this really mean in-the-wild, when applied to various aspects of our work lives?    Aira has a strong focus […]

Series: Aira’s on a Mission to Change the World and I’m Thrilled to be Part of It

Sevana Massih named Vice President Service Delivery, to scale delivery of agent services, meeting the growing demand for visual interpreting as an accommodation by public, private, and higher education organizations. We’re on a mission to help people find their gold.     “When we know why we’re here as individuals and leaders, when our people know […]

Series: Aira’s on a Mission to Change the World and I’m Thrilled to be Part of It

Brad Rambur named Chief Information Security Officer, to lead Aira’s data privacy and information security initiative Our mission is built on trust.   Trust between Explorers and Agents. Trust between Aira and our Partners.    In a service model that provides a human-to-human connection, every interaction is personal. Whether the engagement is a simple task […]