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What is Visual Interpreting?

Visual interpreting makes visual information accessible for people who are blind or low vision (BLV). You can think of it as similar to how sign language or video relay interpreting makes audible speech accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Visual interpreting conveys vital information through verbal communication. Interpreters audibly describe, read, explain, and navigate in real-time for people in the BLV community.

visual interpreting helps people:
Icon representing navigation with a map.

Navigate and travel

Icon representing participation with a person paying attention behind a computer.

Fully participate at work or school

Icon representing shopping with a credit card.


Icon with a person reading.


Icon representing visual surroundings with a road curving through trees.

Visualize surroundings

Icon representing completing tasks with a checked-off to-do list.

Complete daily and online tasks

Image representing social engagement with a person speaking.

Engage socially

Access Visual Information in Three Steps.


Download the Aira App.

Download the app to your mobile device for iPhone or Android. Sign up, choose a plan, or access Aira for free through an Access Partner.


Connect With a Professionally Trained Visual Interpreter.

Our visual interpreters undergo an intensive hiring and training process to ensure safe, reliable service of the highest quality.


Get Real-Time Assistance With Any Task.

Tap into our secure network, anytime, anywhere.

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Partner With Aira and Unlock Access Across Your Organization

Embrace inclusivity, innovation, and accessibility—for everyone. Offering Aira enables organizations to bridge accessibility gaps, empower their teams, and demonstrate commitment to DEI initiatives.

Image of two people in a grocery store, one helping the other navigate.

Meet Important ADA Requirements for Reasonable Accommodations.

Foster an inclusive environment for all—and join a growing movement—by incorporating Aira into your overall accessibility strategy.

Close-up image of two people in a grocery store, one describing a bell pepper to the other.

Embrace Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion as Company

Demonstrate your commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for BLV individuals and team members.

Image of a BLV individual navigating a grocery store aisle by touch.

Make Your Organization Accessible to Everyone.

Ensure that BLV individuals can engage seamlessly with your organization, and earn a reputation for building an inclusive culture.

See Aira in Action

aira for individuals

Access Visual Information—On Your Own Terms

Subscribe to Aira and access 24/7 on-demand support for visual interpreting, enhancing your autonomy, efficiency, and engagement.

Image of a person in a grocery store examining a product.

Inaccessibility Makes
Barriers. Aira Breaks Them.

Access on-demand visual assistance for real-world navigation and interaction with physical surroundings.

Image of a BLV individual walking through a store with a guide dog.

Execute Everyday Tasks,
Every Day.

In the workplace, at school, traveling, home, or online, Aira makes it easier to get things done.

Image of a BLV individual with a white cane, using Aira while shopping for clothes.

Gain Independence.
Reclaim Autonomy.

On-demand visual interpreting dismantles barriers to access, opening physical and digital spaces to everyone.

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“The freedom to carry out
many tasks”

Image of two Aira Agents at work.

Join the Visual Interpreting Movement

Our team of visual interpreters plays a vital role in transforming lives and making the world more accessible to the BLV community. Check out our open roles below.

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Image of three Aira Agents at work.

Start Your Aira Experience Today.

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Become an Aira Access Partner.

Join a global movement and lead by example. Say yes to accessibility for all.

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Download the Free Aira App Today.

Access visual information whenever you need it. Download the free app to get started.

Stay Up-to-Date
on the
Latest Innovations.

We’re excited about the journey through 2024. With AI transforming and enhancing accessibility, we’re at the forefront of innovation. Connect with us to stay informed about the latest developments in our products, accessibility efforts, and other exciting news.


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