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Explore your world
like never before

From exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants in the city, to traveling the globe - Aira empowers the blind to experience their world and surroundings like never before.

Accessible devices

Aira's platform works on wearable devices such as Google Glass and Vuzix that can be paired with your smartphones.

Real-time request

The tiny camera mounted on your wearable device provides instant feedback so Aira Agents can safely guide you with any activity.

Certified agents

Our network of trained Aira Agents, who could even be one of your family or friends, are able to assist you whenever and wherever.

Make an impact:
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Agents play a key role in Aira's mission to assist the visually impaired gain greater independence. Our agents have a keen desire to help others, in addition to possessing other important attributes, including patience and good character. We offer a rewarding career with the chance to impact the lives of others.

We have big dreams

There are an estimated 20 million blind and low-vision people in the United States, according to the American Foundation for the Blind.

Aira's goal is to develop leading technology and services that help remove remaining barriers for the visually impaired, expanding their possibilities to live with greater confidence and independence.

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