Enhanced efficiency

When you need to do something where some extra information can help you save time and be more efficient, just open the app and give us a call. You'll connect with real, highly-trained people who can see your surroundings through your phone's camera.

Private and Secure

Protecting your privacy and ensuring you feel secure using Aira are our top priorities. Anyone you connect with will have passed robust background checks, signed strict privacy clauses, and undergone weeks of rigorous training.

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How Aira makes life more efficient


"As someone with low vision, it can take me 2 to 5 times longer to try and access a website or read a document. With Aira, I'm able to have someone else do that for me and it takes half or a third of the time to get things done."


Entrepreneur and writer of the blog, Girl Gone Blind

"Aira has given me access to information that I've never had before"


University Student and musician

"Aira is there when and if I need it. It's confidence in your pocket."


Entrepreneur and father

Why wait? It's free!

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Why wait? It's free!

No credit card. No commitment. No problem.
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