Aira to Expand Leadership Team, Further Focus on State and Federal Government

Our mission is to remove visual barriers and make the world more accessible, creating pathways to even greater independence. Making visual interpreting available for all those who seek the benefit,  irrespective of the individual’s ability to pay, is core to Aira’s belief system.   As part of our 2023 strategic plan, we are expanding our leadership […]

You Say Potato, I Say Interpreting

What’s the correct way to talk about what we do at Aira? You’ve probably heard us use the terms visual interpreting and visual interpretation interchangeably. It can be argued that the words “interpreting” and “interpretation” mean essentially the same thing, a form of the verb “interpret” or related nouns. I beg to differ and here’s […]

New Invoice Format

Your Aira Invoice will Include Some Additional Information Explorers with paid plans, including Intro, Standard, Advanced, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Community plans, the information included in your invoice will change beginning with your first invoice in February. What you can expect to find on your monthly invoice You will find the full retail price of […]