About Us and Our Values


Aira Tech Corp is a technology company dedicated to changing the world by removing barriers and making it more accessible – providing access to visual information, anytime, anywhere.
Our service is a live, human-to-human professional assistance service for people who are blind or have low vision. Using the powerful combination of a camera and the Aira app on someone’s device of ‘choice’, a professionally-trained agent will assist by visually interpreting what is in the camera’s view or shared on screen, from describing to reading, from explaining to navigating – just about anything, safely and securely. Aira operates 24/7/365 in five countries worldwide, and supports service wherever there is an internet connection.
Initially, the AI in our name stood for Artificial Intelligence and the RA stood for Remote Assistance. Now with millions of calls to date, the importance of a human in the loop, providing access to information that is sometimes rather nuanced, is abundantly clear. We have reinterpreted the meaning of our name, AI now stands for Access to Information. Aira is visual interpreting, it’s access to information through remote assistance.
Aira is used by individuals, and employees and customers of hundreds of organizations including airports, banks, the largest software companies, financial firms, retailers and universities, Aira enhances independence, efficiency and autonomy. Over the last three years we’ve seen exciting business breakthroughs including our recent nationwide launch at all Starbucks locations; rollout at over 50 airports and transportation systems; 20+ colleges and universities; major corporations such as Amazon, Bank of America, Target, TD Bank, Wegman’s Grocery Stores; and recently the entire State of Connecticut!
Our core values embody the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive our business and guide our interactions with one another, our community and our partners. Ours are:
  • We are powered by people.
  • We pursue excellence & hold ourselves accountable for results.
  • We embrace change and agility.
  • We act with integrity, transparency, dignity and respect.
  • We are champions of inclusion, diversity and accessibility.
We are a fully remote organization and currently support people in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. At Aira, you have the opportunity to work with disruptive technology, meaningfully contribute to company growth, and positively impact the lives of others.


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Aira was purpose-built for someone who desires visual information about their surroundings. Our community consists largely of people who are blind or have low vision; if you would benefit from live, on-demand visual information, we’d love to talk with you.

Aira.Visual Information On Demand.

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