Become an Aira Access Partner

It is not uncommon for coffee shops to provide access to wifi at no-cost for their customers. While this started as a courtesy, it’s now not only expected, but is often a competitive differentiator.  Organizations like Starbucks now provide free Aira at every location around the United States.  Other brands like Target, Wegmans and Bank of America are also leading the way by providing on-demand access for any physical or digital space your organiztion has.  There is no operational or technical demand placed on your business.

You simply partner with Aira.  We will geofence your location and all customers will come with their own device.  Simple, safe and secure.

While Aira firmly believes access to visual information is a human right, not a privilege, and certainly not a courtesy, the coffee shop wifi example paints a good picture. Your organization, business or school can easily differentiate itself and lead the way by providing access to visual information by becoming an Aira Access Partner.

Aira, Your Trusted Partner for Secure Visual Interpretation

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