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Aira Gift Cards. The gift that keeps giving.

The Aira app connects people to professional Agents who provide access to visual information at the push of a button to enhance efficiency in everyday tasks. Our Agents can take photos, provide navigation assistance, hail a ride share, and so much more.

Choose the Aira Gift Card you wish to purchase*
Available amounts are $30.00, $50.00, $100.00 or $250.00 USD

Please note:  Upon purchase, you and your gift card recipient will immediately receive a confirmation message sent via text to your cell phones.

*Gift cards are purchased in the currency of the recipient. The prices shown are in United States Dollars. See the FAQs for details.

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Q: How do I buy an Aira Gift Card?

A: Purchase online on this webpage or call Customer Care using one of the following numbers:

Please make sure you know the cell phone number of the person who will be receiving your Aira gift, as we need it to ensure the gift is delivered to the right account.

Your gift recipient will immediately receive a text message notifying them of your gift – please keep this in mind if you plan on surprising someone on a specific date.

Q: Who can purchase Aira Gift Cards, who can receive Aira Gift Cards?

A: Anyone can purchase Aira Gift Cards.  Recipients must be in a country with access to Aira service – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland – or where there is an active internet connection.

Q: If I’m a current customer, can I purchase Aira as a gift for myself or for someone else?

A: Aira Gift Cards can be purchased either for yourself or for someone else. As a current customer, you’ll be asked to log into your Aira account during the checkout process.

Q: What if the person I’m purchasing an Aira Gift Ccard for lives in a country with a currency different from mine?

A: The person buying the gift card must make their purchase in the same currency as the gift receiver. For example, if you live in the USA and your gift recipient lives in Australia, the gift card should be purchased in Australian dollars.

Q: How many can I purchase?

A: Gift Cards are available in $30, $50, $100 and $250.00. You are not limited in the number of cards that you can purchase.

Q: What can this be used for?

A: The person receiving a the Aira Gift Card can choose to purchase any Aira offer that’s currently available to Explorers – an Aira plan, Add-On Minutes, or as a credit toward any Aira purchase.

Q: Can I choose how and when to use my Aira Gift Card?

A: Aira Gift Card credit is automatically applied to your next Aira purchase. So, if you’re hoping to purchase add-on minutes with your gift card, be sure to do so before your next billing date.

Q: How will my Aira Gift Card recipient redeem my gift?

A: The recipient will receive a text message from Aira confirming they have an Aira Gift Card waiting for them. All they need to do is open the Aira app and make a purchase – the gift card credit will be automatically applied at checkout. Alternatively, they can call Customer Care to make a purchase (or ask questions) using one of the following numbers:

Q: My Aira Gift Card recipient doesn’t use Aira yet. How do they get started?

A: Here’s how it works:

Step 1: When you purchase Aira Gift Card, you and your gift recipient will receive a text message confirming your purchase. The gift recipient will also receive a link in that text that opens the App Store or the Play Store (depending on what device they use). At that point, your gift recipient can download the free Aira app.

Step 2: When opening the app for the first time, your gift recipient will be asked to provide their cellphone number in order to verify their account. It’s important that your gift recipient uses the same cellphone number you provided when buying their gift. If the number that was provided does not match, they will not be able to use their Aira credit.

Step 3: Once your gift recipient verifies their cellphone number, their sign up is complete! At that point, all they need to do is tap the call button to connect with an agent.

Q: If they’re already on a monthly plan, can my gift recipient use their Aira Gift Card at a later date?

A: No, if someone already has a plan, their Aira Gift Card will be automatically applied to their next month’s bill. If they want to use it for Add-On Minutes or any other Aira purchase, they need to do so before their next billing cycle.

Q: Can I get a refund for any Aira Gift Cards I purchase?

A: No, Aira Gift Card purchases are nonrefundable.

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