Aira Names Geoffrey Peddle Chief Technology Officer

Aira, the leading global provider of Visual Interpreter Services (VIS), is proud to announce and welcome Geoffrey Peddle to the leadership team. We asked Geoffrey about his background, deep experience in Artificial Intelligence and passion for building high performing tech teams solving hard problems. He shared the following:

“All my life I’ve loved to build things. It started with wooden blocks and Legos and then computer software. Now I’m building high functioning teams and impactful products.

An AI Expert

I grew up in Toronto and did a masters degree in machine learning at the University of Toronto as a mature student. During that time I learned advanced machine learning from legendary British-Canadian cognitive psychologist and computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton and attended his research group seminars. I was fortunate to be there in 2010/11 when they were having the successes with deep learning that have led to the current AI revolution.

Seasoned Engineering Leader

I’ve been leading teams using ML, software engineering and design to deliver solutions for the 12 years since graduating. I have been part of the senior leadership team at 4 startups including being CTO at Tealbook, a company that helps large companies increase the amount of business they do with diverse suppliers including disability owned, women owned or minority owned businesses. At Tealbook I grew the engineering team from 0 to 27 and introduced the use of machine learning. Overall I have more than 30 years of experience in software engineering.

Building Products That Matter

I am excited by the chance to have an impact on the world by working on a leading product that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. I look forward to being part of the strong Aira team at this time when there is so much opportunity to expand what is possible through innovation. Most of my proudest professional moments have been when I made a difference in the life of a co-worker or a client and I see the potential for many more of these moments at Aira.

Troy Otillio, CEO of Aira shared “It’s an amazing time to be a technologist with all of the happenings around artificial intelligence and I am thrilled to be adding someone of Geoffrey’s caliber to our Aira Leadership team. His deep AI expertise combined with his passion for people and tackling hard problems are ideal to join us on the mission to make visual interpretation accessible to the 300 Million and Low Vision people around the globe .”

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