New 2023 Pricing for New Explorer Subscriptions

Beginning January 17 of 2023, our monthly Explorer subscriptions plan prices will increase for any new individual looking for a paid Aira subscription. As you may already know, Aira has not made any adjustment in pricing in the last 4 years and remains committed to building a Visual Interpreting Service that is sustainable and affordable.

As a thank you to our early supporters of Aira, anyone with an active Aira subscription that was purchased before January 17 of 2023 will not be impacted by this price increase.

Knowing each of us needs to make careful decisions about our essential and discretionary spending, we are telling you about this price increase today to give you five full months to think about it and plan; today’s subscription prices will be honored until January 16 of 2023. New plan pricing will be announced during the first week of January of 2023.

  • As a recap, if you are a current subscriber with an active subscription there is no impact to you.
  • If you are a free user of the service, you have the option to purchase a subscription at the current prices.
  • If you are an Access Partner, there are no changes in the pricing structure at this time.

Professionally-trained Agents and assistance on demand are what drew you to Aira originally. We are committed to providing the quality you expect and deserve, and can only continue to provide that level of service if we raise our prices.

We appreciate your continued business and loyalty. If you have any questions regarding this price increase, please visit this page for frequently asked questions and answers or call Aira Customer Care.