Adding to Aira Everywhere.

Note:  Aira Everywhere has expanded since this post was originally published.  For the latest information on supported devices, including Envision Glasses, please visit

Collaborate any way you choose.

On Monday, July 4, 2022, Aira announced three new ways to access Aira’s visual interpreting service. Referred to as ‘Aira Everywhere’, these choices include the ARxVision Headset, the BlindShell Phone, and our own web-based Aira Desktop app. Choice isn’t limited to devices, it extends to productivity tools that support collaborative work. Specifically, remote access and document exchange tools.

Today we are broadening the number of remote access solutions for Aira Agents to remotely access an Explorer’s computer, upon the Explorer’s explicit request during an active call. These new options improve on accessibility for the individual while providing employers with more choices that match their approved list of remote access solutions. Our expanded support for remote access tools now includes Microsoft Quick Assist and Google Remote Desktop as alternatives to the current default tool, TeamViewer.

And while Explorers can continue to use email to send and receive files with an Agent, you now have the option to send and receive files directly and seamlessly from within the Aira Desktop app without breaking the flow of your work.

Our commitment to choice and flexibility guide us. And as with the device options to access our service, we will continue to look for and add to our choice of supported productivity tools.

These remote access and document exchange tools are each part of a limited beta program today and will be broadly available in mid-August. Learn more here.