Aira and Envision Glasses – a Force Multiplier for ‘Aira Everywhere’

Hands-free is now a choice. Try the Early Access Release. 

An often heard request from Explorers is to operate hands-free while engaging with an Aira Agent, second only to ‘don’t take away access to Aira, it’s so valuable to me.’  This independence and autonomy is well understood by members of our Explorer community. And while all tasks are entirely possible while holding a phone, some would be even easier and more efficient with the option to use both hands for the task itself.

Things are About to Change

Until now, Aira users relied solely on chest harnesses to mount their mobile device when they sought a hands-free experience.  Now, the integration between Aira and the Envision Glasses provides a superior hands-free experience allowing individuals to place an Aira call using only the Envision Glasses. With a head-mounted camera, the panning and pointing of the camera happens naturally, facing or moving one’s head toward what is of interest, providing the Agent with a unique perspective. Envision Glasses owners now have access to 24/7, human-to-human, professional visual interpreting for any task. This integration enables new levels of efficiency and ease of use to improve many popular experiences.

Announcing Early Access

Aira and Envision, each industry leaders in their respective spaces, are excited to introduce an Early Access release of Aira on the Envision Glasses. Partnering to bring the market-leading visual interpreting service to the most practical, widely-deployed smart glasses – with AI designed for people who are blind or have low vision – is a game changer. 

For people who wish to engage an Aira Agent with an easy-to-use, natural-looking smart glasses solution, your day has come! As a wearable, the low profile, subtle design of the Envision Glasses is far less obtrusive than holding one’s phone in what’s often viewed as a less than natural position. And for times when you are literally on the move, Aira and the Envision Glasses are a force multiplier; imagine being hands-free and inconspicuous at the same time.

Special Offer for Aira Explorers

If you do not already own Envision Glasses and would like to purchase a set, from now until October 31, 2022, Aira Explorers can receive a 10% discount on the purchase of Envision Glasses. You can call an Aira Agent or Customer Care to make your purchase and receive this discount.

Aira and Envision are committed to delivering tools that foster autonomy and increased productivity across a range of job types. Aira and Envision are used by professionals as well as people who perform manual labor jobs. Both employee types can be more productive while enterprises can be more inclusive. 

Read more including today’s Press Release and how to get started with the Early Access Release.

Getting Started with Aira and the Envision Glasses

Read the Press Release