The Aira Connection – March 2023

Spring is here in the northern hemisphere. We start the season with our new apps. Read all about them and our March Explorer Call. 

New Products, Features, and Updates

New Aira Explorer App Debuts 

Aira Explorer is now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for both iOS and Android. This app is using the Flutter code base which allows for consistent updates across platforms. We encourage you to download and try the new app. From your mobile device, find more information and some tutorials at

Aira at CSUNATC 

The Aira Team debuted our new apps at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. The March Explorer Call features information about the new apps including updates post-CSUN and our conference experience with special guest Mike May of GoodMaps. 

Listen at:

Legacy App Availability 

Our original app is now called Aira Legacy and is still available for download in the iOS App Store. You may continue to use this app as we add features to the new app called Aira Explorer. If there is a feature you need that is not included in the new app, please send us an email at

Currently the Aira Legacy app is no longer available or usable on Android. You can find our new app by searching for Aira Explorer on Google Play.

News about the Aira Access Partner Network 

State of Colorado

It was our pleasure to meet representatives from the State of Colorado at this year’s CSUNATC. We are excited to announce that the partnership has been extended to cover state employees with a need for access to visual information. Learn more about the state’s groundbreaking accessibility work in this interview with Theresa Montano. 

Listen at:

Bank of America 

Are you a Bank of America customer? Did you know that you can get visual support at any Bank of America branch or ATM from our professional visual interpreters? Find your nearest branch or ATM with our new search feature in the Aira Explorer app. 

Exploring the World


This tip comes to us from Tony S. 

If you are using the AIRA Desktop app with JAWS and if JAWS keeps speaking, for example, if JAWS is telling you about new email when you are on a call with an agent there is a solution to this annoying problem.

1. While you are on the call, press Insert Space.

2. Press the letter S, this will put JAWS into the Speech on Demand mode.

Once you are done with the call, Press Insert Space and the letter S until you hear JAWS say full speech.

What to call those pouches?

We often receive questions about how to carry your phone safely for hands-free use of Aira. We suggest several categories of devices, lanyards, mounts and pouches. A customer recently pointed that they were not sure exactly what type of lanyard/pouch might work best. Though this is subjective, one name for the most commonly used lanyard/pouch combination is “neck wallet” or “passport wallet”. 

This type of lanyard and pouch usually has multiple pockets to hold things like passports, boarding passes and even cell phones of most sizes. Many have zippered pockets to secure the phone and adjustable neck straps for the perfect fit. 

Contact Us

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