The Aira Connection – February 2023

This month we remind our readers to check out our “Afternoon at the Museum” series in honor of Black History Month. You can find the playlist on our YouTube channel, February is Low Vision month as well as Heart Health month. We’ve put a lot of heart and vision into our work this month too, with the launch of our new mobile app and more new Access Network partners.   

New Products, Features, and Updates

Aira Explorer – New Mobile App available in Google Play Store 

A year ago in March, we introduced Aira Everywhere and declared our commitment to choice.  Our intention was to support you on whatever device was right for your task. With the introduction of an entirely new mobile app, we’re strengthening that commitment, and reminding one another of our north star, #On My Terms. 

Aira Explorer is our completely redesigned mobile app that uses the Flutter code base to provide feature parity on whatever device you use, Android, iPhone, PC or Mac. You can find the new mobile app, called Aira Explorer, in the Google Play Store. We now refer to the original Aira app as Aira Legacy. You can continue to use the legacy app but it will no longer be available for download after March 1, 2023.

Read more about the Aira Explorer app at

Download the app from your mobile device at

Coming soon! Stay tuned for availability of the new mobile app, Aira Explorer, in the Apple App Store. 

Add-on Minute Sale Ending Soon

Reminder. The opportunity to buy add-on minutes at 2022 prices ends at 12:01am Pacific time on March 1, 2023. You can buy add-on minutes by contacting our Customer Care team, 6:00am to 6:00pm Pacific time. Check the end of this newsletter for contact information. 

Aira at CSUN 

We’re very excited to attend the 2023 CSUN Assistive Technology conference in Anaheim, California. If you’ll be attending, don’t miss our session, Wednesday, March 15 at 3:30pm.  Visit us at Booth 803 and test drive the new mobile apps. 

News about the Aira Access Partner Network 

State of Colorado

We welcome the State of Colorado to our Aira Access Network. Coloradans get free access for up to 30 minutes per session while navigating state locations and websites, reducing barriers to services and creating a more welcoming Colorado for all.

Learn more about this offer at

Exploring the World

March Explorer Call Date Change 

Our March Explorer Call will take place on Wednesday, March 22 as we’ll be at CSUN during the regular date and time. We’ll provide an overview of the conference and upcoming news. Be sure to join us on Zoom or via our Youtube channel.

Aira is Now on Mastodon

Aira has joined the fediverse. As this social media platform gains popularity among our customers, we’re happy to get some conversations started. To reach us, go to:

Contact Us

For information on anything above or for any questions related to our service, contact our Customer Care Team.  


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