New Invoice Format

Your Aira Invoice will Include Some Additional Information

Explorers with paid plans, including Intro, Standard, Advanced, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Community plans, the information included in your invoice will change beginning with your first invoice in February.

What you can expect to find on your monthly invoice

You will find the full retail price of your plan, followed by the amount Aira is contributing, and then the remaining balance which is your monthly fee. The fields and what they mean are:

  • Description:  your plan name
  • Price:  the full retail price for your plan type
  • Discount:  Aira’s contribution, also referred to as Aira’a monthly subscription offset
  • Subtotal and Amount Due:  your responsibility

Nothing else about receipt of your invoice and making your payment will change.  You do not need to take any action, your service will continue, business as usual.  

For anyone who pays in a currency other than US Dollars, here is information about currency conversion.  


Our Customer Care team is available to answer your questions, daily from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific at and the following telephone numbers.

US & Canada: 1-800-835-1934 Text: 858-242-4457

Australia: 61-800-765-096

New Zealand: 64-800-425-451 

UK: 44-800-046-5668 text: 44-149-320-2472

Ireland: 353-800-851-599

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