ToS Build AI

With community at the foundation of Aira, we are always looking to further engage our users to enhance our products and services. With Build AI, you can play a central role in that effort. Build AI is a new program that will run for four months where Aira will share select call recordings with a third-party AI partner to advance a potential AI solution for the blind and low vision community.
  1. Purpose
    Build AI is a new initiative at Aira to help train and develop an advanced AI model with a third party AI company. While there is no guaranteed outcome for this technology, we hope to continue to provide innovative solutions for access for the community. In order to develop this solution, the Build AI program will be sharing Explorer call  recordings and other user information with our AI partner, allowing for the training of the AI solution on real-world experiences of visual interpreting.
  2. Participation is Optional
    The decision to participate in the Build AI program is optional, with the flexibility to opt-out at any time. However, note that even if you choose to opt-out, information previously provided will likely be deployed within the solution. Additionally, you will have control over what interaction data you choose to share. For example, following a session, you will have a certain amount of time to choose not to share that session with Build AI. Lastly, in exchange for your participation, Aira will be providing a Build AI Access Offer for sessions that are eligible, as another way to access free Aira minutes. However, it should be noted that these tasks may change over time and that the availability of free minutes is subject to staffing levels and call volumes.
  3. Limitations

    Although we would like all of members to participate, there are certain limitations on the program, including:

    • At this time of training the AI model, Build AI is only available at this time for calls to Aira placed within the United States. This is based on your geolocation associated with the application. If location services are disabled, you will not be able to participate in the program.
    • The Build AI program is not intended for use cases involving sensitive information, such as financial information. As such, to the extent users leverage free minutes for prohibited purposes, we can remove you from the program at any time.
    • Build AI is not available for sessions supported by our Access Partners.


  4. Privacy
    As always, Aira strongly values our users’ privacy. We will continue to uphold the standards outlined in our privacy policy and terms of use in connection with the Build AI program. Moreover, we have protections in place with the third-party providers to which the information will be shared, ensuring that your information is safe. Any information you choose to share as a part of the program will only be used for the development of AI. And, as always, we will not collect or share your information unless you consent for us to do so and you can opt-out at any time.