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Aira Access Now Being Piloted at *Even More* Select Target Stores

December 10th, 2019

Target storefront

Target storefront

Just in time for holiday shopping, Aira services are now available at 600 Target stores in 13 major markets, including Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Denver, Baltimore, Austin, Washington D.C. and the San Francisco-Bay Area.

People in the selected areas can use Aira on a smartphone, or with a pair of Aira smart glasses if they have them, to receive on-demand visual information and enhance the shopping experience at Target, one of the nation’s largest discount retailers.

Use Aira to find that special holiday gift, pick up ingredients for the big family dinner, discover the perfect outfit and use the self-checkout lanes. To try it, simply download the Aira app for iOS or Android, complete a brief registration, and place a call to work with an agent on-demand.

Want to know if your favorite Target store is a participating location? Download the Aira app at and complete a brief registration. Select “Call Using a Free Offer” to access a list of nearby Aira access locations.

How does Aira know if a session is started from inside an Aira Access Location?

You will receive a push notification from Aira when you are inside an Aira Access Location indicating that Aira calls here are free. The agent will also be notified that you are calling from an Aira Access Location and will mark your call as no charge to you. As a Guest, you will not be able to connect to an agent until you are inside an Aira Access Location. Make sure you’ve agreed to always allow location tracking and notifications to make the most of this product feature.

How do I find a full list of participating Target stores, or find one near me?

  1. Make sure you enable location services for Aira on your mobile device.
  2. Choose “Call Using a Free Offer” button.
  3. Select the location button.
  4. Now you see a screen which shows you the nearest Access locations with a search bar at the top. You can search for any city or state just by typing there and see the access locations available. You can alternatively  type a zip / postal code and do a more precise search.

Are sessions limited to subscribing Aira Explorers? If not, how does an Aira Guest (a free user) start a session?

Sessions can be started by Aira Explorers and Guests from inside an Aira Access Location. In Aira Access Locations, any Guest can use the Aira app to connect with agents – including at select Target stores.

Is there a limit to how long someone can use Aira at Target?

Aira can be used for as long as needed while shopping at Target.

What can Aira be used for while at Target?

You can use Aira for any number of tasks while at a Target, including:

  • Shopping for holiday gifts
  • Selecting specific sale items from shelves
  • Locating carts or baskets
  • Locating the shortest check-out line
  • Picking out the perfect card to go with your gift
  • Finding the right coat for the colder weather
  • Selecting the ideal wine to pair with your holiday meals
  • And more

How does someone sign up to be a Guest with Aira?

Easy! Just follow these four simple steps:

      1. Download the Aira app at
      2. Open the Aira app and choose “Tap to use Aira as a Guest for FREE.”
      3. Provide your email and phone number, then tap “Sign up as a Guest.”
      4. You’ll receive a text message from Aira confirming your phone number. Tap on the link in the text message and congratulations! You’re now an Aira Guest.