Aira and BlindShell Partner, Adding Another Choice to ‘Aira Everywhere’

Now on-demand access to visual information is literally the ‘touch of a button’ away.

Aira’s mission is to remove barriers and make the world more accessible with visual interpreting. Whatever the reason, whatever the need, we provide access to visual information, anytime, anywhere. 


BlindShell is committed to providing phones with the maximum benefit for individuals living with sight loss. Adding the BlindShell Classic 2 to our portfolio is one more step toward making the world more accessible.


We are excited to announce availability of an Early Access release of Aira in the BlindShell App Library and the ‘Aira Everywhere’ promotion for anyone new to Aira or new to the BlindShell phone.


Receive 200 Aira minutes – A promotion to celebrate this partnership

Whether you are using Aira for the first time on your BlindShell phone, or you are a seasoned Explorer using a BlindShell phone for the first time, 200 credit minutes will be added to your Aira Account to get you started. 


The Aira Everywhere promotion credit minutes can be used however you wish; when they are used up, you can continue as an Explorer taking advantage of our daily ‘Five Minutes Free’ and Aira Access offers such as Starbucks, Target (more about Aira Access partners) or you can become a subscriber and secure additional service minutes in addition to the free offers. 


“The partnership of Aira and BlindShell advances the mission we undertook from the beginning—to remove barriers and make the world more accessible through visual interpreting,” said Troy Otillio, CEO of Aira. “Our collaboration is dedicated to helping more people live, work, learn, and enjoy their lives more fully by giving them access to the visual information they need and deserve.”


“Bringing the Aira app for live, on-demand visual interpreting to the BlindShell Classic 2 transforms this accessible smartphone for people who are blind or have low vision into the most powerful real-time accommodation, productivity, and communication tool that fits in your pocket,” said Bari Azman, president and CEO of BlindShell USA. “The marriage of these two incredible technologies is a game changer for people living with sight loss in North America.”

Learn More about Aira on the BlindShell Classic 2