New Wearables Pilot Programs: Hands-Free Access to Visual Interpreting

A woman in a kitchen using an ARx AI wearable headset while looking at a cookbook. She wears a red headwrap and a pink shirt. A teal text box on the left reads "Explorer News: Aira Launches Wearables Pilot." Below in the bottom left hand corner is a teal and black Aira logo. In the bottom right hand corner is a teal right angle triangle.

Aira is thrilled to announce two innovative pilot programs integrating our services with Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses and ARx glasses. These integrations with Meta and ARxVision mark a significant step in Aira’s journey with wearables, offering secure access to visual information anytime, anywhere.

By integrating Aira with Meta Ray-Ban glasses and ARx glasses, users will enjoy significant benefits, primarily the ability to stream video and audio from the glasses while leaving their phone in their pocket. This hands-free convenience enhances mobility and ease of use, offering more wearable options to suit different needs and preferences.


Aira and ARxVision Pilot Program

ARxVision is a leading innovator in wearable assistive technology. Their ARx AI Gen1.5 wearable headset, known for its integration with Microsoft’s SeeingAI app, is gaining popularity in the blind community. We are looking forward to exploring the integration of Aira’s visual interpreting services with these smart glasses. 

“We are excited to integrate ARx AI Gen1.5 with Aira, enhancing our service through more access to wearable smart glasses for Explorers,” said Troy Otillio, CEO of Aira. “This collaboration will provide hands-free calls with Aira and improved access to visual interpreting, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and independence.”

A grey background behind a ARx AI Gen1.5 wearable headset. The headset is black and the left end has a square shaped microphone. The right end has a rectangular shaped earpiece with white buttons: a square, a circle, and a triangle shape. Below the earpiece is a black cord hanging down out of frame.

 The ARx AI Gen1.5 wearable headset

“With the integration of ARx into the Aira app, we are empowering our users with even more tools to navigate their daily lives with confidence,” said Charles Leclercq, CEO of ARxVision. “This partnership brings together the best of assistive technology and professional visual interpreting, providing unprecedented support for the blind and low vision community.”

“RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) has been involved in partnership work to develop and launch the ARx AI. We’re excited Aira is part of the next phase of the evolution of ARx,” said Dave Williams, Inclusive Design Ambassador for RNIB. “Blind and partially sighted people increasingly rely on apps and new technology to access education, employment, and leisure opportunities. Creating a truly ‘hands free’ experience while connecting with professional visual interpreters is a major step towards greater independence at home, at work and when travelling.”

For the initial pilot program, Aira is looking for existing users of the ARx glasses, and Explorers familiar with using Aira. The Aira android app is currently compatible with the ARx AI Gen1.5 and will not require the ARx iOS adapter. Please note that ARx users that have an iPhone will need to purchase the ARx iOS adapter, which will launch in the coming weeks. This adapter ensures full compatibility and optimal performance with the Aira app on iPhone 15 and above.


Aira and the Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Pilot Program

The Meta Ray-Ban glasses have been gaining popularity in the blind community for their ease of use, AI integration, minimalist fit, camera abilities, speakers, and more. Their more affordable price and minimalist design make them a desirable tool for combining wearables with visual interpreting. Aira is launching a pilot with these smart glasses to provide more options for Explorers, and to open access to visual interpreting in the most seamless way possible. 

The goal of this pilot program is to explore the best ways to make Aira calls through Meta Ray-Ban glasses. We are seeking insights from our Explorers who already own the glasses and have an iPhone 13 or newer, to refine the user experience and ensure seamless integration. This pilot program will test how this integration will work, and as such we cannot guarantee any results at this time.


How can I join these pilot programs?

For more information and to sign up for either pilot program, download the Aira Explorer app on the Apple iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store, go to the “more” tab, then select “smart glasses. Select the smart glasses you are interested in and then fill out the form with your information. 

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of providing greater ease of access to visual interpreting. If you have any questions, contact or call 1-800-835-1934. We look forward to working together to innovate and expand our services and options for Explorers. 

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