Introducing Aira Messages – Empowering Aira Explorers With Non-verbal Visual Information

June 30th, 2018

Aira Messages - Now available in the Aira app. Image of a smartphone with the messaging feature in the Aira app.

Aira Messages - Now available in the Aira app. Image of a smartphone with the messaging feature in the Aira app.

We are excited to announce that Aira Messages, a new product feature, is now available as a free update to the Aira app and experience. Appearing today in the updates section of the iOS App Store, and coming soon to the Google Play Store, Aira Messages enables Aira Explorers to communicate with Aira agents via typing while in a session (similar to texting).

In the past, all communications between Aira Explorers and agents were verbal, which proved to work well enough for the majority of environments. However, as we spoke with Explorers, we quickly learned there were several cases where talking was not an efficient means of communicating with an agent to receive visual information. With Aira Messages, we’re one step closer to creating a platform that delivers access to visual information, whenever and wherever someone needs it – including situations where verbal communication may not be appropriate.


With Aira Messages, Explorers can:

  • Indicate to an agent before the session starts that they are unable to talk at that moment, so communication will be done via typing.
  • Communicate with agents either using customized, frequently-used preset messages, or by manually typing requests to agents.
  • Ask agents to speak back to them while the Explorer types, or conduct full two-way text messaging. This can be especially useful if the Explorer is deaf-blind and uses a braille display. In this case, both the Explorer and agent can communicate to each other by typing and sending messages.
  • Provide the intent of a session as it begins. Explorers can now provide written information to the agent which will appear on the dashboard when the agent answers the call. This is especially useful in situations where an Explorer may want to provide an agent with information to prepare for a session. For example, if an Explorer is sitting on a plane while it taxis to the gate, they can give the agent information about their arrival and departure gates so the agent can have a route prepared as soon as the Explorer gets off the plane.


How To Activate Aira Messages

Aira Messages is an optional addition to the home screen of the Aira app. To enable it, follow these steps:

  • Activate the “More” tab in your Aira app.
  • Select “Messages” under the Advanced Features heading.
  • Activate the Messages toggle switch to turn Messages on. The new “Call Aira with a text message” button will now appear on the home screen.


Preset Messages

In the Messages section of the “More” tab you will find a customizable list of preset messages, ideal for situations where you need to quickly send information to an agent.

When connected with an agent, the call screen will now have a “Messages” button in the lower left corner. This will toggle to the two-way text messaging screen, where Explorers and agents can send messages to each other. The presets option can be found in the top right corner of this messaging screen, where Explorers can use any of six preset custom messages.


See Messages In Action

Click either of the below Aira Tech Tip videos to see Messages in action.

Setting up Aira Messages and exploring the settings.

Making a call with Aira Messages.

We can’t wait to see the new non-verbal ways you explore with Aira Messages.

If you have more questions, please view the FAQ section in the Aira app. You can access them by tapping on the More tab, then Help Center, and finally tapping on Aira App: Features.