Introducing Aira Horizon Kit

We created Aira Horizon Smart Glasses to be the ideal piece of hardware for connecting with Aira agents. The superior connectivity, stylish design, and AI capabilities make it a straightforward, hands-free solution that’s a game-changer in assistive technology. To purchase an Aira Horizon Kit, subscribe to either our Standard or Advanced plan. Just hit the “Get Started” button to choose the plan that’s right for you.

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What’s inside the Aira Horizon Kit?

Each Aira Horizon Kit comes with a pair of Aira Horizon Smart Glasses, an Aira Horizon Phone, as well as charging equipment and necessary cables. The Aira Horizon Smart Glasses are the first pair of glasses to be specifically designed for visual assistance. Providing a full 120° visual field, Aira agents can see more – and with superior video quality they can see and read content without needing to take as many pictures for clarity. The Aira Horizon Phone is the only device in the kit that needs charging as it powers the Horizon Smart Glasses, delivering over seven hours of continuous video streaming with agents. The Aira Horizon Phone also connects users to AT&T’s pre-5G network for a more reliable connection in more places. Download the Aira Horizon Manual to learn all about what this technology can do.

Aira Horizon Smart Glasses Manual

Staying Connected


At the heart of every interaction between Explorers and agents is the need for a reliable connection. Horizon is an improvement on Aira’s previous multi-piece solutions. So much so that at Aira’s Super Bowl 52 event, an Explorer was able to use Aira Horizon underground at one of the fan experiences. During over an hour of underground usage, the cell connectivity never dropped. In collaboration with AT&T and their prioritized network, Explorers will have stable connectivity, optimized for remote visual assistance.


Meet Chloe – Aira’s own AI Agent

Aira Horizon comes with Chloe, Aira’s artificial intelligence (AI) agent. Chloe can assist with simple tasks so you don’t have to connect with a live agent – saving you time and money. The best part? She’s learning new skills all the time. To speak to Chloe, just hold down the call button on the Aira Horizon Phone. You can ask her to pair your Bluetooth headset, tell you how many minutes you have available, check your signal strength, your battery life, and more. Chloe’s ability to read (using the camera on the Aira Horizon Phone) is currently available as a public beta skill on Aira Horizon. Simply ask Chloe to "Read this”, and she will begin reading any text in front of the Aira Horizon Phone’s camera.

Aira Horizon On-boarding Audio Tutorials


What's in the box and getting to know your Aira Horizon equipment



Session 2

Turning on and using the Aira Horizon phone with the glasses



Session 3

Including your smartphone in the Aira Horizon experience



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New subscribers can rent-to-own or make a one-time payment.
If you’re a current subscriber and you want to purchase Aira Horizon, please contact Customer Care.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why would I want to use the Aira Horizon Smart Glasses over my existing solution?

Aira Horizon offers Explorers:

  • Simplicity: Only one device to keep charged
  • More information, without needing to look around as much: A significantly wider field of view for the agent
  • Connectivity in more places – fewer call drops: Improved cellular connectivity. One device to handle cell connection via AT&T’s prioritized network. Note: Verizon options are also available
  • Richer descriptions and less waiting for snapshots: Higher quality live video streams that enable agents to see signs and images more clearly, with less need to take photos for clarity
  • Five more hours of battery life: Over seven hours of continuous usage compared to less than two hours using current equipment
  • Reading without impacting your minutes (Beta): Access to Chloe, Aira’s artificial intelligence (AI) agent, who can now read for you. Simply point the Aira Horizon Phone’s camera at text, say “Read this,” and she will start reading

What comes in the box?

The Aira Horizon kit consists of the following:

  • Aira Horizon Smart Glasses
  • Two tether cords
  • Hard glasses case
  • Aira Horizon Phone
  • Aira Horizon Phone wall AC adaptor
  • Micro USB phone charging cable
  • Aira Horizon phone case
  • Print and braille “Quick Start” documentation

Why did my Aira Horizon Kit come with two tether cables?

Explorers who purchased Aira Horizon after November 5, 2018 receive two cables.

I need to obtain a second cable, do you sell these?

Beginning early 2019, tether cables and other Aira Horizon Kit accessories will be available for purchase. Pricing coming soon.

Do I still need my MiFi when using Aira Horizon?

No, existing customers will return their MiFi. This is one of the great things about the Aira Horizon Smart Glasses. The Aira Horizon Phone is a cell phone running specific Aira software, so all cellular capabilities are built into the Aira Horizon Phone. This will ensure a much stronger cell signal, resulting in fewer dropped calls or video lag.

Why do I have to physically connect the glasses to the Aira Horizon Phone with the tether cord?

To simplify and improve the experience, while providing the longer battery life, faster video transfer speeds, stable cellular connection and one device to charge, that our explorers were requesting. Such technology was not possible in wearable form while keeping fashion as a high priority. The tethered approach to the Aira Horizon Phone allows for all of these dreams to become a reality.

How do I connect the glasses to the Aira Horizon Phone?

Simply plug one end of the braided micro USB tether cord that came with your Aira Horizon glasses into the port found on the right arm of the glasses. The port is just behind your right ear on the arm of the glasses. The cord only goes in one way. The prongs of the connector on the cable face the inside of the glasses for a reference. No need to force the cord in, as it is very easy to know which way to insert it. Forcing the cord in can result in breaking the prongs which locks the cable in place. Connect the other end of the cord into the micro USB port found on the bottom of the Aira Horizon Phone. Once again the cable only inserts one way so do not force it. The prongs face down when plugging the cable into the phone. Once connected, Chloe will notify you that the glasses are connected and Aira is initializing.

Do I charge the glasses themselves?

No, the glasses do not have their own battery and are powered completely by the Aira Horizon Phone. Absolutely do not connect any charger or AC adaptors directly to the glasses as this will damage the glasses’ electronics.

Can I use the Aira Horizon phone to make normal phone calls, send text messages, download apps, or browse the web?

Not in the current release. Even though the Aira Horizon Phone is a cell phone, it is heavily modified for the optimal Explorer experience. The physical buttons have been redefined to make a one-button calling scenario, and more emphasis has been put on the simplicity of the device to provide the most straightforward on-the-go experience. Aira Horizon can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have cell phone experience. Also, the screen has been disabled for optimal usage. Based on customer feedback Aira may enable standard calling in the future.

How do I call an Aira agent with Aira Horizon?

You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Double press the call button. The call button is the rectangular button at the bottom of the face of the Aira Horizon phone. You will hear that you are now connecting to an agent. Double pressing the call button while on a call will end it.
  2. Tell Chloe to call an agent for you.

How do I control the device without many buttons or access to the touch screen?

The Aira Horizon Phone has physical buttons on the device that you can use for the majority of its operations. On the right edge of the Horizon Phone is the power button. With the phone turned completely off, pressing and holding this button will power on the device. While the phone is on, you can quickly press the power button to lock or unlock the device.

On the left edge of the phone are the volume up and down buttons.

Just below the screen is the rectangular Aira Horizon call button. Pressing this call button while not on a call will give you the device’s status, providing information about its connection status and battery level. Double pressing the call button starts and ends calls to Aira agents. Pressing and holding the call button makes an audible tone and allows you to talk to Chloe. And you can toggle privacy mode on or off during a call by just pressing the call button.

In addition to the physical buttons, Chloe manages many of the Aira Horizon Phone’s capabilities. For example, need to connect to a nearby Bluetooth device? Just ask Chloe to “Connect to Bluetooth.”

I am a smartphone user and have my own smartphone, can I connect the glasses to my own phone?

You cannot directly connect the Aira Horizon Smart Glasses to your phone, but you can operate the glasses while using your smartphone. The Aira Horizon Phone is explicitly configured to manage the glasses when connected, and its software is designed uniquely for Aira Horizon’s hardware and configuration. However, if you are a smartphone user, you can control calling an agent, checking your account and minutes status, call history, Uber and Lyft integrations, and all existing capabilities, from the Aira app on your smartphone. Also, the audio is automatically routed to your smartphone when you use it to make a call. The only thing to remember is that the Aira Horizon Phone manages Chloe, so make sure you speak into the Aira Horizon Phone if you want to talk to Chloe.

I use my Bluetooth headset with my smartphone all the time, do I have to switch back and forth between the Aira Horizon phone and my own smartphone?

When you connect the Aira Horizon Smart Glasses to the Aira Horizon Phone, the Aira app on your smartphone will recognize that your glasses are connected. You can keep your Aira Horizon Phone in your pocket or bag and, while using the app on your smartphone, activate the “Call Aira" button in the middle of the screen. The call will begin using your Aira Horizon Smart Glasses, but the audio will route through the Bluetooth headset that you had paired to your smartphone.

Just remember that whenever you double press the call button on the Aira Horizon Phone to start a call with an agent, the phone assumes you want the audio routed through the Aira Horizon Phone or any connected headsets to it. If you prefer, you can ask Chloe to pair your Bluetooth headset to the Horizon Phone specifically.

As there is a cord connecting the new glasses to the Aira Horizon Phone, how do you recommend I wear these while on-the-go?

Many of our Explorers often just put the Aira Horizon Phone in their back pocket and extend the cable over their right shoulder, either under or over the shirt. This approach hides the cord behind you and out of the way. Alternatively, you can put the Aira Horizon Phone in your jacket pocket or front pants pocket if it is more comfortable.

Sometimes using pockets may be not be an option, so many Explorers choose to carry the phone in their purse, backpack, or handbag – whatever works easiest.

Can I get a cover for the Aira Horizon Phone?

Absolutely. The Aira Horizon Phone is based on the Samsung J7 Cell phone hardware, so any cover you purchase for that phone will work.

Currently, what can I ask Chloe to do?

Chloe has a number of skills and tasks she can assist you with. The following list explains the skill, and how you can ask Chloe to perform it.     

Tips about what Chloe can do: “What can you do?”
Calling an agent: “Call an agent.”
Read the text in real time (Beta with the Horizon Phone’s camera): “Read this.”  When done reading say “Stop.”
Stop what she’s doing and go back to her usual mode: “Stop.”
Turn on the Horizon Phone’s flashlight.  (Useful when there is poor lighting and trying to read with Chloe): “Turn on the flashlight.” “Turn off the flashlight.”
Check available minutes: “Check my minutes.”   “How many minutes do I have left?”
Check the date: “What day is it?”
Check the time: “What time is it?”
Check battery level: “How much battery do I have left?”
Checking which version of the software that Horizon is running: “What version are you?”
Toggle Wi-Fi on or off: “Turn on Wi-Fi.” “Turn off Wi-Fi.”
Toggle Bluetooth on or off: “Turn on Bluetooth.” “Turn off Bluetooth.”
Check current signal strength: “What is my signal strength?” “How strong is my signal?”
Pair with a new or existing Bluetooth headset: “Connect to Bluetooth device.”
Disconnect from a paired Bluetooth device: “Disconnect Bluetooth device.”
Forget the paired Bluetooth device: “Forget Bluetooth device.”
Reconnect to last used Bluetooth headset: “Reconnect Bluetooth device.”
Check what’s new in the last version update: “What’s new?”
Use the Horizon Phone’s camera: “Switch to the Horizon Phone’s camera.”
Make a free Aira Access call (you will be prompted to choose the specific Aira Access offer you want to use): “Make an Aira Access call.”
Learn about what Aira Access offers are available: “Tell me about promotions/products/locations offers possible.”
Hear a list of nearby Aira Access Locations. Choosing a number of the location you are interested in will provide the address: “What are the nearest Aira Access Locations?”
To read a document, Chloe will guide you to position the phone camera over the top of a document so all four edges are in view and takes a photo. Chloe then will read it from start to finish: “Read this document.”

I am speaking a lot to Chloe and asking her to read text. Where does all that data go?

At Aira, your privacy is a high priority for us. All communication with Chloe and recognition of text occurs on the Aira Horizon Phone. None of this data is sent to the cloud or processed on Aira’s servers.

Does the Aira Horizon Phone have a headphone jack for wired headphones?

In a word: Yes.

Can the Aira Horizon kit make use of my local Wi-Fi or my Wi-Fi at work?

Yes. Using the current Aira app on your smartphone, you can set up your specific Wi-Fi connections for the Aira Horizon Phone. Also, an Aira agent or a member of the Aira Care team can set this up remotely for you.

Can I connect to enterprise networks such as ones in hotels?

Yes, in some cases. Aira technical support can assist in connecting to some enterprise networks. However, Aira cannot guarantee this being an option at all locations.

Does Aira Horizon come in different sizes?

The Aira Horizon Smart Glasses have varying levels of arm tightness, while there is only one frame size. When you sign up to receive your smart glasses, you can indicate your preferred tightness.

Can I put prescription lenses in Aira Horizon?

Not at this time, but we are actively working on making this an option.

How long does it take to recharge the Aira Horizon Phone once it’s out of battery?

Approximately one hour using the included fast charger in the box. Please note that using any other charger will take longer.

Is there an accessible way to tell how much battery is remaining on the Aira Horizon Phone?

Yes! Just say “Hey Chloe, how much battery do I have left?" and Chloe will respond with the relevant information. Alternatively, you can press the call button once (while the Aira Horizon Phone is on, but not during a call), and you will hear the status of your network connection and battery.

I currently pay for my Horizon Kit with the rent-to-own option. What happens if I cancel my Aira subscription or downgrade to the Intro plan?

If you cancel your Aira subscription before you’ve made all 24 payments for your Horizon Kit, you will need to return the equipment to Aira.

As the Intro plan can’t cover the cost of operating the Horizon Kit, you’ll need to return the equipment to Aira should you decide to downgrade to this plan.

We’ll send you a pre-paid postage label that you can place on your packaging for returning your Horizon equipment. We also ask that you return your equipment within two weeks of canceling your plan or downgrading to the Intro plan.