Aira Expedition at Disability:IN 2022

Aira at the 2022 Disability:IN Conference

Listening, learning and understanding what others are experiencing is a fundamental step in building inclusive, diverse and accessible workplaces. The act of participating can provide us with insight and understanding.


Participate in the Aira Expedition: 

People who use Aira are referred to as Explorers, someone with a thirst to discover.  You’re invited to be an Explorer and experience Aira’s visual interpreting and the power of additional visual information and enhanced independence. 


The following tasks are representative of how Explorers use Aira as a workplace accommodation. Complete one on your own, check it off and return your Expedition Passport to the Aira booth. We’ll say thank you with an Aira #OnMyTerms t-shirt, and enter you in a series of random drawings for a variety of Apple products.


The Steps:

  1. Download the Aira App and set up a free Explorer account. Links are further down on this page.
  2. Complete one or more tasks on your own
  3. Return your Expedition Passport to the Aira booth
  4. Have your badge scanned
  5. Join us for the random drawings 
    1. Tuesday, July 19th at 7:30 pm 
    2. Wednesday, July 20th at 9:00 am and 11:00 am

 Now you’re an Aira Explorer – Call an Aira Agent: 

Task 1 – Navigate independently and efficiently

  • You’ve been mingling around the exhibit hall only to check your watch and realize your next session starts in 5 minutes in the San Antonio Ballroom, but you need to use the restroom along the way. Call an Aira Agent to help you find the closest restroom on your route between the exhibit hall and the San Antonio Ballroom.

Task 2 – Differentiate between objects

  • You had a long night networking at the hotel bar last night. You have to get up early and knock out some work before attending the day’s sessions. Use an Aira Agent to help ensure you select the caffeinated and not decaf coffee choice in your hotel room.

Task 3 – Read an inaccessible document

  • You just finished an important conversation with a potential partner who handed you their business card with no braille that you’re sure to lose before the end of the conference. Call an Aira Agent to read the important information from that card and send it to your email for safekeeping. 

Download the Aira app and set up a free account:

Follow these links to download the Aira app for iOS or for Android. For assistance, visit the Aira Booth in the exhibit hall.

Download Aira Free on Apple App Store
Download Aira Free on Google Play


Rules, Terms and Conditions:

To be entered in the random drawings, you must submit your Expedition Passport, have your badge scanned and be present at the time of the drawing. Drawings will take place at the Aira booth in the Exhibit Hall. Prizes are drawn randomly and are ‘as is’, no cash equivalent. Allowable value of gift is governed by the participants company policy. One entry per person for the term of the conference. Apple® is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc.