Aira Everywhere.

We Believe in Choice. And There are Even More Options.

Aira’s mission is to remove barriers and make the world more accessible with visual interpreting. Whatever the reason, whatever the need, we provide access to visual information, anytime, anywhere. 

Now, there are even more ways to access Aira’s visual interpreting service. We are pleased to announce a number of new hardware options that are now part of our portfolio. Referred to as ‘Aira Everywhere’, this includes the ARxVision Headset, the BlindShell Phone, and our own Aira Desktop app. We will continue to add to these options.


These new ‘on ramps’ or ways to access Aira’s service reflect the diverse needs and interests of our community. We’re announcing Aira Everywhere in response to demand for more devices and form factors that are optimized for the task at hand.  


We are excited about these offerings and starting to move to a limited functionality beta program and invite community members to participate. Delivering the best experience and strongest functionality is only possible with your feedback. Please consider participating while experiencing the benefits of these new form factors.

Aira Desktop app is a computer-centric browser-based application that provides the most convenient, secure and efficient way to access Aira’s visual interpreters in a friction free, fast time-to-task solution to overcome obstacles, and engage Agents on digital tasks directly from a computer. 



A limited function beta is available. As with any beta software, there are limitations to functionality and there may be accessibility issues. Please keep in mind, it is not production software. 



Indicate your interest using the form below and we will provide instructions to access the beta.

The Aira BlindShell Classic 2 app will provide anyone who prefers the simple, intuitive and tactile controls of the BlindShell phone, access to Aira’s visual interpreting service. Only BlindShell offers both a tactile keypad and a camera which is necessary to access Aira’s visual interpreting service.  


The companies are engaged in joint development. The Aira app will be available in the BlindShell App Library on August 1, 2022. You can indicate your interest in staying informed about availability, using the form below.


For more information about BlindShell, visit their site at

With the Aira app and ARxVision Headset, Explorers will enjoy the added efficiency and productivity that comes with low profile, high-quality hands-free video hardware. The ability to stream video and audio from the camera, and the integrated microphone and speaker on the ARxVision frame, make two-way visual interpreting possible. 


We are engaged in development and invite you to indicate your interest in staying informed, using the form below.


For more information about ARxVision, visit their site at

Choice isn’t limited to devices, it extends to productivity tools that support collaborative work. Specifically, remote access and document exchange tools. And as with the options to access our service, we will continue to look for and add to our choice of supported productivity tools.


Even more choices for remote access. 

Today we are broadening the number of remote access solutions for Aira Agents to remotely access an Explorer’s computer, upon the Explorer’s explicit request during an active call. These new options improve on accessibility for the individual while providing employers with more choices that match their approved list of remote access solutions.


Over the past 5 years, 20% of users’ interactions with Aira have centered around computer-related tasks, with a majority of these sessions supporting the needs of employees and students. With the recent launch of the Aira Desktop app, Aira is improving both accessibility and efficiency for computer-related tasks. While the Aira Desktop app has built-in, secure, and efficient screen sharing, it cannot support remote access or screen control due to the important security limitations that prevent web-apps from taking control of a desktop.  


Our expanded support for remote access tools now includes Microsoft Quick Assist and Google Remote Desktop as alternatives to the current default tool, TeamViewer. Optimized for the task at hand, Microsoft Quick Assist and Google Remote Desktop are secure, highly accessible, low friction tools, that improve the Explorer’s experience and enhance their productivity. As industry leaders, Microsoft and Google not only focus on usability and security, but also accessibility thereby providing Aira Desktop app users with even greater efficiency.


Even more choices for document exchange. 

Collaborative work often involves document exchange. While Explorers can continue to use email to send and receive files with your Agent, you now have the option to send and receive files directly and seamlessly from within the Aira Desktop app without breaking the flow of your work. Choice means having more than one way to collaborate over the internet. You decide what’s most efficient, #OnMyTerms. 


Our commitment to choice and flexibility guide us. Microsoft Quick Assist and Google Remote Desktop will now be first-class, low-friction parts of the Aira experience for screen sharing and remote control. These remote access and document exchange tools are each part of a limited beta program today and will be broadly available in mid-August.

The Path Forward

We’re Building an Ecosystem

Aira is actively seeking additional hardware and platform partners to expand the set of devices or use cases where a professionally-trained Aira Visual Interpreter can augment the experience for people who are blind or have low vision. Let’s have an exploratory discussion, write to us at

As an Explorer, How to Get Engaged

Please complete the form below to indicate your interest, if you would like to stay informed or participate in the limited functionality beta experience. After receipt of your form, we will follow up and advise you of next steps.  


Delivering Aira on wearables and across multiple form factors is one more step toward our mission to remove barriers and make the world more accessible with visual interpreting. If you have questions, please call Customer Care. They can be reached daily between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Pacific time  at 1-800-835-1934. Thank you. 


Aira Customer Care is ready to answer your questions.  The can be reached daily between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Pacific time at 1-800-835-1934.