Series: Aira’s on a Mission to Change the World and I’m Thrilled to be Part of It

Brad Rambur named Chief Information Security Officer, to lead Aira’s data privacy and information security initiative

Our mission is built on trust.


Trust between Explorers and Agents. Trust between Aira and our Partners. 


In a service model that provides a human-to-human connection, every interaction is personal. Whether the engagement is a simple task like reading a prescription label or the results of a blood sugar test, to a digital task like formatting an important job application or conducting an online shopping transaction, world-class information security and a privacy-first commitment are essential. These interactions earn trust over time and that trust can be lost in a moment. Confidence in the people, the platform, and the policies are at the center of this model.


I’ve spent the past 30 years as an executive in technology at start-ups and Fortune 500’s driving innovation and digital transformation efforts. Our teams created, developed, deployed, and secured force-amplifying technology platforms to accelerate company performance and better secure company and customer data.  These companies included Teradata, Intuit, PwC, and SAIC/Leidos. I am also an experienced systems and security architect, with a robust patent portfolio that includes numerous U.S. and international patents.


Having been an advisor to Aira, joining as CISO is an opportunity to marry my experience and deep domain knowledge with an experiential product. Information security and privacy can be innovation drivers. As we continue to evolve our service and deliver more highly customized experiences for our Explorers, this is an opportunity to break new ground and push technical boundaries using data in appropriate ways. 


Information security and privacy are almost never customer-facing until there is a problem. Companies embracing a privacy-first approach, consider information security and privacy with every customer touch point. At Aira, I will lead the charge to balance our commercial goals and our commitment to protect Explorer’s privacy, safety and well being.


Joining Troy Otillio, CEO, and Vinu Somayaji, Chief Technology Officer, Aira is leading the digital transformation of assistive technology.