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Breaking Barriers for Blind College Students

What is the Back to School Program?

Aira's Back to School Program grants students who are blind and low vision with free access to Aira’s technology and services. Enhancing their efficiency to do more, and engage more every day.

By working with an Aira agent, students who are blind or low vision have access to the same visual information as sighted peers, giving them the tools to manage and complete tasks on their own terms and time.

An Aira Explorer and student at University of California San Diego wearing an orange polo shirt, his Aira Smart Glasses, and holding his white cane. He is standing in front of UCSD's iconic Geisel Library with a smile on his face. Photo by Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego Publications.

Tangible Impact

  • Approximately 60% of blind and low-vision students who enter college don't graduate. Aira's Back to School Program is changing that to lower than 6%
  • 92+% overall retention for Back to School Students
  • 200+ students at colleges and universities nationwide
A young woman walks on a college campus. There is a large stone building on her left with vibrant green trees in the background.

The Aira Back to School Program

Key Challenges for Students

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Lack of Visual Information

23 million blind and low-vision people in the U.S. lack immediate access to visual information

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Acclimating to College Life

Outside of academic challenges, students who are blind or have low vision face additional hurdles, such as campus navigation, understanding building layouts, and self-confidence/advocacy.

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Accessing Educational Material

Due to ever-changing curriculums and syllabuses, students who are blind or have low vision face inaccessible class material every day.

“The high drop-out rates among blind and low-vision students are not for reasons that are academic, but for reasons that have to do with social challenges, technology, and other barriers related to visual impairment.”

– Dave Power, CEO of Perkins School for the Blind.


A Guest subscribing to Aira and downloading the mobile app.

Students apply for a spot during annual recruitment periods. Selected applicants download the Aira smartphone app to access the service for free.

Aira app home screen on phone.

Using the app, Back to School Students are now just one tap away from Aira's network of certified agents.

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Back to School students use Aira to receive visual information on demand, allowing them to focus on their studies and enhancing their complete campus experience.

Our Students Are Breaking Barriers At Over 200 Universities

Harvard University
University of California San Diego
Stanford University
University California Los Angeles
George Mason University
University of California Berkeley
University of Texas at Austin

What Students Think of Aira

"The Aira Back to School program has allowed me to explore my environment in ways I never imagined. I attend one of the largest campuses in Tennessee and Aira has given me the opportunity to get around campus and find classrooms faster than I ever could. I also use Aira in my classes during presentations and mock counseling sessions. Aira's innovative technology is changing my day to day personal and academic experiences."

Middle Tennessee State University

Quinn H. Explorer picture

Quinn H.


“While at college, Aira has been very handy. It's like having a reader with you at all times. I can see how this is useful outside of school as well. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this program.”

Luther College

Kyla B. Explorer picture

Kyla B.


“As students, we’re always busy and one of the things that can get daunting as a blind person is grocery shopping. You’ve got to wait for assistance, and it’s not always reliable and there’s no predictability. You just don’t know when you’re going to get in and out. So I’ve used Aira to buy groceries on the go, and it’s just been revolutionary.”

Portland State University

David B. Explorer picture

David B.


“I’ve used Aira to find buildings on my college campus, help me with homework, and even navigate the dining hall. Aira has heavily impacted my life. It allows me to live the life I want.”

University of Iowa

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Emma M.


Hear from our Students


Veronica L.


Cricket B.


Jimmy C.

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