Aira Introduces Priority Connect, Call Handling to Support Explorers During Peak Demand

Today Aira Tech Corp launched Priority Connect, a service delivery model to address the specific needs of Aira Explorers and Aira Access Partners at times when call volume is above historical or predicted volumes.


Aira’s mission is to remove barriers and make the world more accessible by providing universal, world-class visual interpreting to the community of people who are blind or have low vision, by employing trained, professional agents 24/7, 365 days a year. 


Connecting with an Aira Agent happens in one of four ways: 

  1. As an Aira Guest. The Aira Guest program provides access to daily time-limited calls at no cost to the individual. As an organization, Aira believes universal access to visual information is a right. We remain steadfastly committed to providing Guest access as part of our business model.
  2. As a paid subscriber. Paid-for monthly subscriber plans provide access to blocks of minutes to support an individual Explorer’s personal requirements. 
  3. Through Aira-sponsored programs. Aira uses its own financial resources to fund free calls for Job Seeking, Covid-19 response and various other initiatives allowing all individuals to benefit from the Aira service without paying out of pocket.    
  4. And through a growing number of Aira Access Network Partners such as Starbucks, Target, Bank of America, TD Bank, 40+ airports, and more—organizations who provide the service at no cost for their employees, customers and guests. 


As the Aira community continues to grow, there have been periods where the demand for Agents exceeds historical and predicted staffing levels, resulting in longer wait times. While infrequent, we know this is frustrating. Priority Connect is intended to address this challenge, and ensure access for paid individuals and organizations.


Until now, all calls received the same response. In order for the Aira business to be sustainable and still meet the needs of individuals who cannot afford or do not need to pay for an extended plan, Aira is implementing changes in how calls are responded to while preserving support for no cost calls.   


Starting today, Aira may limit Guest calls and calls for Aira-sponsored programs during periods of peak demand. Calls placed by paid subscribers or calls placed using an Access Partner offer will continue to operate as they do today. However, during  periods of peak demand, Guest calls and Aira-sponsored program calls will be limited; Explorers in these situations will be informed through the app that the call cannot be answered at the moment. As conditions change, Aira will resume responding to Guest calls and Aira-sponsored program calls.  


For additional information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions on this web page or in this document. However you wish to engage with us, we’re grateful to be able to make the world more accessible by providing world-class visual interpreting.