Intuit QuickBooks® Small Business Owners Promotion

Are you a small business owner, self-employed, or an independent contractor?  Intuit QuickBooks is sponsoring free Aira calls for tasks related to your work.  


Eligible tasks follow.

What is covered by the small business owners offer?

  1. Assistance with inaccessible web pages or business materials.
  2. Reading resumes and scheduling interviews.
  3. Sorting business materials.
  4. Purchasing business materials.
  5. Putting together purchase orders or quotes.
  6. Creating and formatting business presentations.
  7. Business financial activity.
  8. Preparation for business meeting.
  9. Business meetings.
  10. Checking store preparedness (opening inspection).
  11. Business object identification (color, brand, etc.)
  12. Checking an outfit before a business meeting (color, wrinkles, spot, etc.)
  13. Reading business cards or recording business contact information.
  14. Hiring activity such as signing contracts and offer letters.
  15. Taking business photos for social or marketing purposes.
  16. Document formatting assistance.
  17. Filling out business forms.

What is not covered by the small business owners offer?

  1. Any non-business related tasks.
  2. Calling on behalf of your friend’s business.
  3. You are an employee.
  4. You are a volunteer.
  5. Lending your account and/or device to your employee or a friend.
  6. Web-based research that has no relevance to achieving a specific, business-related task.
  7. For tasks without a specific purpose, like asking for advice or asking for general research assistance.
  8. Any calls requiring additional Agent skills other than visual interpretation.
  9. Navigation or travel-related tasks such as ordering rideshare, checking in at airports or hotels, and booking travel.
  10. Technical support for business software or operating systems.
  11. Any task not directly related to running your business, like grocery shopping, using ATMs, reading personal materials, etc.

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