Vispero Products™

Sponsored by Vispero, all Explorers are able to use Aira for free when troubleshooting JAWS.

This could include:  determining why speech has stopped, restarting speech, updating the JAWS program, and overcoming inaccessible CAPTCHAS.  

It does not include:  use of inaccessible websites, or use of the product when it is working as expected.


Eligible tasks follow.

What products are covered by Vispero?

The entire product line of Freedom Scientific, Optelec, Enhanced Vision, The Paciello Group such as JAWS, Magic, Zoomtext.

What uses are covered?

The purpose of this offer is to troubleshoot, install, update, or otherwise update the settings of the Vispero product you are using. Some examples might be:


    1. I am using Jaws and Jaws stops speaking.
    2. I am using Jaws and Jaws repeatedly is saying “Blank”, when it should be reading content.
    3. I am updating applications and nothing  is happening. Jaws is not reading the state of any update.
    4. I am doing a Windows install and am not able to get Jaws to read the status.
    5. I am using Zoomtext and the magnification or speech is not working.
    6. I am using a braille display and nothing is happening when I connect it to my PC. I need to validate if there is anything on screen.
    7. Jaws is not active  at or after log in.
    8. Jaws is not able to explain my screen for some reason. I need assistance understanding what is on screen.
    9. I need help reading my authorization code or installing jaws.
    10. I am unable to complete an inaccessible CAPTCHA online.

What uses are not covered?

This promo is not eligible to be used in the case of inaccessible material present in a third-party webpage or application; or, if the product is working as expected.

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