Laying the Ground Work for a Strong 2023  

In August we announced general changes would be coming to Aira’s service.  Our number one goal is to build a sustainable visual interpreting accommodation service to ensure that Aira remains on solid financial footing despite fluctuations in all things around us.  

Since our early days, we have invested considerable sums of money to provide “free” Aira-sponsored minutes.  Our commitment to providing some level of free access will continue; however, we will monitor and adjust this investment and the associated offers to be fiscally prudent.  By slowing our pace of investment in “free”, we will be in a position to invest in other areas of the business that will provide long term value and financial health. 

What You Can Expect

Beginning Monday, December 5, 2022, three of our “free” Aira-sponsored offers will change.

Job Seeker

Job Seeker – The number of calls per day has been limited to one.  Our pace of investment here must slow until we find a suitable sponsor.  We are looking for a commercial company to sponsor Job Seeker much like Intuit sponsors the Small Business offer. Eligible tasks for this offer can be found in the Aira app. (Please note this change is already active.)

Five Minutes Free

Five Minutes Free – Today Guests have access to one free 5-minute call per 24 hour period and Subscribers have access to one free 5-minute call every 4 hours per 24 hour period.  The net effect of Five Minutes Free is that Aira funds two out of every three calls.  We can no longer afford to sustain this; beginning December 5, 2022, we are making changes to our investment in Five Minutes Free. 

As we considered the following changes, we were guided by three principles:

  1. benefits for Paid Subscribers should be greater than those provided to Guests,
  2. the distribution of free Aira-sponsored minutes to Paid Subscribers or Guests should be fairly distributed and equitable,
  3. and finally, free Aira-sponsored offers should avoid conflict with the experience of those who are funding the economics of the business. 

Ultimately, we look to provide a service that is equitable, responsive and sustainable. The new offers are:

Guest Five Minutes Free 

IS CURRENTLY:  Guests can make one five-minute call, at no cost, once a day.

WILL BE:  Guests will be able to make one five-minute call, at no cost, once every 48 hours.  

Paid Subscriber Five Minutes Free  

IS CURRENTLY:  Paid Subscribers can make a five-minute call, at no cost, once every four hours.

WILL BE:  Paid Subscribers will be able to make a five-minute call, at no cost, once every 12 hours. 


An Opportunity to Learn More

On Wednesday, November 30, 2022 we held a webinar about these changes and answered live questions. You can listen to the Airacast podcast from this special session here or read the transcript here.

2023 is Around the Corner

Change can be difficult and we realize this change in particular will impact our Explorers with less “free Aira-sponsored” minutes.  I am confident these changes will create a stronger footing for Aira as we continue to evolve and grow our service.  Our Customer Care team is available to assist and answer questions daily from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time.  

As always, thank you for your loyalty, for your business and for being a valued member of our community.