The Aira Referral Program

The Aira Referral Program

What is it?

As a paying member of the Explorer community, you can invite people via the app to sign up with Aira. When they sign up, they’ll receive 30 minutes and when they complete their first call, you’ll receive 30 minutes.

So, when you successfully refer someone to Aira, not only do they receive some free Aira service, but you receive free Aira service too – and the Aira Explorer community grows.  Whether you have a paid subscription or use a free Guest account, you can participate in the referral program.

Get your referral code out there

On an iPhone, select the “More” tab and then “Refer Friends”. On Android, select the menu button and then choose “Referrals”. After this point the functionality is the same on both versions of the app.

Once in the referral section, you have the option to share your referral code in various ways. If you select the “Share your referral code” button, you can choose to send your code by text, email, social media, and more. Or you can copy it from here so you can paste it elsewhere.

After the “Share Your Referral Code” button is the “Invite Multiple Contacts” button. When you select this button, you’ll enter a list of all the contacts saved on your phone. From here, you can select as many people as you want. You can also search by name using the search field, or scroll through all the names listed. Once you’re done choosing all the people you want to send a referral code to, select the “Invite Friends” button.

You’ll then be taken to your Messages app, where a text message will be ready for you to send to everyone you want to invite. Just select the send button and your message is on its way.

Talk with us

Aira was purpose-built for someone who desires visual information about their surroundings. Our community consists largely of people who are blind or have low vision; if you would benefit from live, on-demand visual information, we’d love to talk with you.


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