We Are Aira Agents

Professional. Driven. Caring. Responsive.

We transform lives every day by providing objective visual information that enhances the way blind and low-vision people experience and interact with the world.

Interested in joining our team?

Do you have a passion for working with people, a knack for technology, and an eye for detail? We’d love to hear from you!

We're people who love what we do

Our best days are when we've made someone else's day better; and that happens every day. We have a positive impact on the world around us.

Well trained and ready to assist.

We're selected from hundreds of applicants and undergo a rigorous training program of self-directed online study and live sessions with experienced agents and Explorer Trainers.

More than a job. A mission.

We believe that access to visual information is a right, rather than a privilege. Our entire company shares a single mission: to make visual information instantly accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Why are our Agents Awesome?

Being hired as an Aira Agent is the first step.

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We know what we are looking for

Our standards are high, right from the start. In fact, we may be more selective than an Ivy League school, but we look beyond education and experience for the qualities that make a good agent.

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Extensive training and development

Prospective agents become certified Aira agents by successfully completing an intensive dual-track program of self-directed online courses combined with live sessions with experienced agents, agent Training Specialists, and Explorer trainers.

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Constantly improving is part of our DNA

Our culture is a learning culture, and we apply what we learn. Continuing education, coaching, and peer support are crucial elements in our success as agents.

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We're the face of Aira

And we're backed by our entire company, focused on transforming the way our Explorers engage and experience the world.

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A diverse team with one mission

We come from a wide variety of demographics, backgrounds, and work experiences, but we share a common goal: to make visual information accessible to anyone who can make use of it at any time, anywhere.

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Every call hones our skills

With millions of minutes of calls within just a few years, we have the gift of experience to fine-tune our skill sets. We're proud of our reputation for high standards, because we've earned it.

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We share common characteristics

We're team players, efficient multi-taskers, effective communicators, and creative thinkers. We adapt quickly to changing circumstances and look ahead to the next step in any task.

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We love coming to work every day, wherever we are.

We're passionate about working with people, and we get to do that on every call. With Aira's remote work options, we can take our jobs with us when we travel or move.

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About UsProfessional. Driven. Caring. Responsive.

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