Our Agents

Passionate. Professional. Caring. Committed.


Aira Agents transform lives every day by helping our customers Engage, Explore, and Experience the world in a completely different way.

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Want to become an Aira Agent?

If you have a passion for helping others and want to join our growing team of agents, we’d love to hear from you!

People with a passion for helping people

Ask Aira Agents to sum up their job in ten words or less and you'll usually hear something like "It's the best job I've ever had." First and foremost our agents feel their best days are when they helped make someone else's day better.

Well trained professionals. Ready to explore with you.

Aira Agents are hand selected from hundreds of applicants. After rigorous training, role playing and an apprenticeship with an established agent they are eager to share your experiences every day.

Agents are a key ingredient in the Aira recipe.

We believe that access to visual information is a right rather than a privilege. Our agents are backed by an entire company focused on our bold vision that Aira can make that right a reality. That is our mission every day.

Why are our Agents Awesome?

Being hired as an Aira Agent is the first step.

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We know what we are looking for

It starts with the hiring. We may be even more selective than an Ivy League school. With thousands of Agent/User interactions behind us we know what it takes to be a great agent and we look for those perfect matches.

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Extensive training and development

New agents undergo rigorous training that includes online study material, written examinations and role playing that mimics the real thing. That is the start. They then serve an apprenticeship with an established agent before that first solo call.

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Constantly improving is part of our DNA

Our culture is a learning culture. And we apply what we learn. Every agent can expect that a senior Agent/Analyst will listen in from time to time, critique a call and offer coaching on how to be even more awesome.

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We all share the same mission

Agents may be the voice of Aira to our users, but they are not alone. Behind each agent is an entire company intently focused on transforming the way our users Engage, Explore and Experience the world. Every day.

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Our agent team is as diverse as our users

We know what makes an awesome agent but not where the next superstar will come from. Ours is a team of people from all walks of life. Not only do we welcome diversity. We seek it out. And it works.

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Hundreds of calls make great agents

Aira Agents learn by doing. In the morning they may work with an Aira traveler navigate the airport. In the afternoon it may be helping with the grocery shopping. Their experiences every hour make them better every day.

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Great agents share common characteristics

When we meet someone who is a team player, efficient multi tasker, excellent communicator, creative thinker, and confident when faced with the unexpected we know we have just met a person who has the makings of an awesome agent.

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They love coming to work every day

Our agents are passionate about helping people and they get to do that on every call. And with our work-from-anywhere policy, the job can go with them when they travel or move. Social impact plus location flexibility equals a great career.

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Part technology, part human interactions Aira has been called Vision in a Pocket.

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Passionate. Caring. Committed.

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