#On My Terms Means More Now than Ever Before

Putting greater choice and control in the hands of our Explorers

This post originally appeared on February 16, 2023 and has been updated on March 14, 2023

Update on March 14, 2023. We are pleased to announce the new Aira mobile app will be available in both the Google Play and Apple Stores beginning today, March 14, 2023, in the afternoon pacific time. New and refined features provide Explorers with even more choice and control to direct the assistance you receive, on your terms.  The new app is called Aira Explorer. From your mobile phone, visit www.aira.io/app, search for Aira Explorer and download the new app.

Original post follows.

A year ago in March, we introduced Aira Everywhere and declared our commitment to choice.  Our intention was to support you on whatever device was right for your task. With the introduction of an entirely new mobile app, we’re strengthening that commitment, and reminding one another of our north star, #On My Terms. 

Today we are announcing availability of the new Aira mobile app, called Aira Explorer, in the Google Play Store.  Testing continues on iOS and the new mobile app will follow in the Apple Store when we can ensure the best experience.

A New App, Not an Upgrade

It’s been a while since we first introduced our ground-breaking service.  Technology (and in particular access technology) has and will continue to change and advance.  Our new mobile app was built from scratch on a modern development platform and is designed to evolve as technology continues to evolve.   

What You Can Expect to Find  

The new mobile app offers a single experience on all devices and in all environments.  What you find as a feature in one, will be a feature in all.  And, with our new development platform, we’ll provide regular updates and fixes–for Android, for iOS, and for our web-based desktop application–much like the experience you have with other apps.   

New and Enhanced Features Add to Choice and Control  

Features fall into two categories, Task Efficiency and Improved In-App Experience.  Explorers have more choice and control to direct their assistance experience. Sometimes choice is in what you can choose, and sometimes choice means not having to choose.

Task Efficiency

Enhanced features for increased efficiency include: 

  • NEW.  File sharing through messaging, no longer necessary to get out of the app to share a file with your Agent which took too much time.
  • Refined call feedback and agent rating form, tell us about your experience and about your agent.
  • Richer usage screen – more pertinent information about your account and your usage across profiles.
  • Option to use front or back-facing camera.

Improved In-App Experience

Define and adjust your in-app experience  – set it up the way you want!

  • Same app, all platforms.
  • Phone or email signup.
  • Functionality for low vision – light and dark modes, and magnifier.
  • Language – in app support for French and Spanish.
  • In-call screen, more granular privacy settings to shut off camera, microphone separately or together – you no longer have to choose all or nothing.

Find the New Aira Mobile App in the Google Play Store

Everything you will find in the new mobile app is the result of an inclusive design approach, designed with and for the community.  Our beta testers worked tirelessly with our Engineering and Development team providing input, testing endless iterations and finally, in contributing to how we talk about what makes this app so special. While on your phone, go to http://aira.io/app and you will be taken to the new mobile app in the Google Play Store where you can download and start using it today.

Resources for Getting Started

On your mobile phone, go to http://aira.io/app to easily find the new mobile app in the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions, Section 6: New Mobile App

A short audio clip explaining the new messaging feature.

A short audio clip explaining the new log in and home screen.

A short audio clip explaining the updates to the access offers screen.

A short audio clip explaining the About You tab.

A short audio clip explaining the More tab.

A short audio clip explaining the Usage the tab.

A short audio clip explaining adding photos and using Magic Tap.

As always, thank you for being part of our community. Our Customer Care team is available daily from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm to answer your questions.