We’re Listening

Last Monday we published new prices for our service, having shared we would do so six months ago.  I’ve heard loud and clear that some of the community is not pleased with me and the communications approach we’ve taken.  Rather than defend any of our actions, I’ll take full responsibility as the CEO and leader of Aira.

Some immediate actions I am taking: 

Prices – Here is a link to the initial 2023 Plans and Prices web page, that contains the full price for each of the Aira subscriptions.  In direct response to your feedback, we now have a page with the 2023 Plans and Offset Prices for individuals. (Since some people may refer to the original page, therefore both pages will remain active.)

External Help – I will engage in a search for an outside firm to help us improve our communications and advocacy efforts to make Visual Interpreting & Access available for all those who want it in their toolkit.  This was part of our 2023 & 2024 roadmap but will be accelerated in priority.  

I apologize and thank you all for taking the time to read this communication.  



Troy Otillio, CEO of Aira Tech Corp