How it Works

Aira is on a mission to provide instant access to information to anyone, no matter where they are in life’s journey. Whether an Explorer is learning, job seeking, working, parenting, or just living their life, Aira is there.

The world can be complex. Using Aira is simple.

Aira is a service that connects blind and low-vision people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. Through an app on your smartphone, Aira delivers instant access to visual information at the touch of a button – enhancing everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence. Straightforward and simple.

User subscribing to Aira and downloading the mobile app.

OneSubscribe and Download

Pick the plan that makes the most sense for you, sign up in a couple of minutes, and download the Aira app to your smartphone. Simple.

Aira app home screen on phone.

TwoConnect with a certified Aira agent

On the first call, connect with our specially trained Agents and learn how everything works.

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ThreeReceive real-time assistance

At the touch of a button, Aira delivers instant access to information, enhancing everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence.

Joining Aira has its perks

On-demand access to agents, a supportive community, and free offers

From the moment you set up your Aira account, you have all you need to explore the world with enhanced efficiency and confidence. Access agents on-demand for almost any task, take advantage of rideshare integration to get you where you need to be, and use one of our ever-growing list of free Aira Access offers to save you money while doing it. Daily tasks are a breeze when you have vision in your pocket, and when you’re part of an expanding community of supportive Explorers.

Professional, caring agents anytime you need them

Aira Agents are people passionate about what they do. They are the hand selected, specially trained professionals you talk with when you connect with the service any time and from anywhere. Agents and Explorers can do almost anything as a team. Talk to an Aira agent and you are talking to a person who loves their job every day.

Learn More About Our Awesome Agents

Worry-free support and constant innovation

Not only do you get training, ongoing support, and a growing list of offers that provide free access to our service, but we’re also constantly looking for new ways to enhance the Aira experience. Like Chloe, our Artificial Intelligence agent. Chloe is capable of handling basic tasks like reading, and is always learning more.

What our users say

"We have a first grader. For spelling homework she has to alphabetize and then write words three times. I could never read that handwritten pencil text with other adaptive tools, but with Aira the agent tells me exactly what is there. Having Aira helps me help my daughter with homework independently."
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Hy Cohen


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Aira Agent

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