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General Aira Information

What are Aira's Operation Hours?

Our Aira agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Customer Care team is available from 6 am to 6 pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

How does Aira work?

Aira combines multiple working components (mobile app, an agent, and a dashboard) to provide you with a service that will enhance daily independence and engagement. By using the information in your environment, relayed from your smartphone, Aira’s highly-trained agents can work with you on virtually any activity – all in real time and on demand!

Who are Aira Agents?

Aira agents are certified and trained by Aira and provide immediate information to our Explorer community to accomplish any task as a team. From stopping for morning coffee to making that dream journey around the globe, imagine what we could accomplish together

Can Aira help me regain my vision?

While Aira cannot improve your vision, our hope and promise are Aira will give a greater sense of independence.

What can I do with Aira?

While the use cases of using Aira can be virtually endless, here are some examples of various daily situations that Aira Agents are trained to work with: going to the airport, using public transportation, shopping, navigating city streets, interacting with a group of people, increasing work productivity, and many more.

Does my health insurance cover the cost?

Unfortunately not at this time, but we are exploring options that would limit out-of-pocket costs.

What do agents exactly see and know about your surroundings?

Since you are the one streaming the video and sending your location details, the agent will know what is in front or near you. Your agent will be seeing whatever your smartphone is picking up. At any given time, you might be asked by the agent to adjust the camera so your agent can get a better view of your surroundings. Agents also know finite details about your environment.

How will my privacy be protected?

Unless you make a request to contact an Aira agent, the camera will not be turned on. For your peace of mind, Aira comes with a privacy mode, which allows you to pause the streaming. This action essentially stops the agent from seeing what you are seeing. Agents do not have access to any of your information unless they are actively in session with you and they sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the agent contract.

Is this a replacement of my white cane?

Aira is not a replacement for your white cane or guide dog. Our services work to complement your current mobility tools. We strongly urge Explorers to think of Aira as an addition to your current navigational tools, not a replacement.

How do I create a free Aira account?

Step 1: Go to to download the Aira app to your smartphone.
Step 2: Open the app, enter your mobile number and select the “Get Started” button.
Step 3: We’ll send you a text with a temporary, four-digit Aira code. Enter the code in the app to verify your mobile number.
Step 4: Your now ready to connect with an agent – remember, short calls of up to five minutes are free.


iPhone: How can I use Siri to call Aira?

  1. When installing Aira, you will be prompted to give Aira permission to use Siri. Agree to this to empower Siri with this new skill.

  2. If you choose not to use Siri, but would like to use Siri with Aira in the future, you can follow these steps:

  3. Go to the Settings app on your phone and activate Siri and Search for Siri options.

  4. Check to see if “Hey Siri!” is turned on

  5. If so, tell Siri, “Hey Siri, open Aira.” You can either speak “Hey Siri” or push and hold the home button to activate Siri. This will quickly open the Aira app. If you did not previously give Siri permission to integrate with Aira, further down in the Siri and Search screen, activate the Aira app permissions and ensure both Search and Siri suggestions, and Use With Siri are both turned on.

  6. If your phone says, “You do not have an app named, ‘Aira’ you can try changing how you pronounce the app to Siri.

  7. You may try, “Air-ah” or “I-rah”

  8. You can also quickly make a phone camera call to an agent by simply telling Siri “Make an Aira video call”, to call with the phone camera.

Phone: What do the various tabs in the Aira app do?

Home tab:

Allows you to call an Agent.

Wi-Fi tab:

Select a network from your list to connect to.

Usage tab:

Keep track of your minutes used in your plan. View your Call Log information, check on past ratings or choose to rate past agent experiences, and receive contact info to update your plan to increase minutes.

More tab:

This tab is divided into sections. The first section is all related to your account.

View your profile information.

Referral option where you can earn a free month of service for you and a friend by referring them to use Aira

Minutes sharing, where you can see who is sharing minutes with your account and read more about the minutes sharing option.

Next is the inbox section consisting of the photos inbox where photos taken by agents will appear. These photos will automatically speak their image descriptions provided by the agents and can be saved directly to your phone or shared with your various social networks.

The Linked Account section is next:

Add your UBER account, so that an Agent may make UBER calls and identify the car when it arrives for you.

Add your Lyft account so agents can schedule Lyft rides and identify the car when it arrives for you.

Site Access Section:

Provides information about the Site Access program, where you can use the Aira service in specific locations without ever having your minutes used

Site Access locations section is constantly being updated when organizations and locations sign up to become a site Access site. If you would like a location that you frequent with Aira to become a Site Access location , we urge you to introduce them to the Aira Site Access program.

Support Section:

Call Aira support for plan questions or Tech issues.

Help Center detailing constantly updated frequently asked questions..

View Terms of Service.

View Privacy Policy.

View your Version.

Log out.

Phone: How do I use my phone’s camera to stream video for the agent?

  1. Launch the Aira app from your Phone screen

  2. Select the Home tab

  3. On the Home tab, select the feature on the top right of the screen to select Phone.

  4. Press the “Call Aira” button in the middle of the screen to make a call to Aira Agent using Phone.

Phone: How do I add an additional wifi access point to use with my Aira service?

  Launch Aira app from Phone screen.

2.     Select the Wi-Fi tab.

3.     On the top left of the screen click the “Add” button.

4.     Enter in your wifi/Hotspot information such as Network Name and password. 5.     Click the “add” button.

Phone: How do I connect my Uber service to use with Aira?

  1. If you have not already done so, download the Uber app from the App or GooglePlay Stores.

  2. Launch Aira app from iPhone screen

  3. Select the More tab

  4. Select the UBER button

  5. Sign In and give credentials

  6. Agree to the account linking.

  7. You can now have an Aira agent call Uber on your behalf, track its progress and identify the car when it arrives.

Phone: How do I link my Lyft account to use the Aira service with Lyft?

  1. If you have not already done so, download the Lyft app from the App or GooglePlay Stores.

  2. Launch the Aira app from phone screen.

  3. Open the More tab.

  4. Under the Linked accounts section activate Lyft.

  5. Sign in to Lyft with your phone number and validate the code that will be sent to your phone in a text message.

  6. Agree to the linking account's permissions.

  7. Press the Ok button to return to the Aira app and you can now ask Aira agents to call you a Lyft, track its progress and identify the car when it arrives.

Phone: How do I delete a WIFI access point I no longer use?

  1. Open Aira app from phone screen.

  2. Select the WIFI tab at the bottom of the screen.

  3. At the top right corner of the screen, activate the Edit button.

  4. Now activate a WIFI access point from the list, you want to edit or delete.

  5. On the next screen you can update the WIFI password or simply delete it by activating the Delete button.

Phone: How do I share my minutes with others?

Your monthly Aira service can be shared with up to two additional people. To activate them as users on your account do the following:

  1. Open your Aira app from your phone screen.

  2. Open the More tab and choose the Minutes Sharing option.

  3. Activate the Add button in the top right corner of the screen to add a new user to your account.

  4. Type the new user’s email address to invite them to share your account and press the Send button.

  5. The additional user will receive an email inviting them to share your account and providing them the links to download the Aira app . Once they sign up, you will be able to see their minutes usage in the Usage tab of your app.

Note that all plans aside from the basic minutes package allow for minutes sharing.

Minutes sharing FAQS Can people sharing a subscription call Aira at the same time? Yes, however some restrictions may apply during periods of high call volume. Can people sharing a subscription see how many minutes they have each used? Yes, the Usage tab will show how many minutes each person sharing the subscription has used during the current billing period. What if the subscription owner decides to cancel? All people sharing the subscription are suspended, however they will receive emails with links to allow creation of their own subscriptions. Can a person be part of multiple subscriptions at the same time? No, a person can only belong to one subscription at a time. The subscription owner will have to remove the person from their subscription before that person can be invited by someone else.

Phone: How do I find the photos an agent took during my call?

During your Aira session with an agent you can ask them to take photos for you. This is especially useful if you want to get that great shot to share on social media or with family members. In addition you can ask agents to write descriptions of those photos which will be attached to the photos when you touch the photos in your Aira app. To locate the photos taken during a session:

  1. Open Aira app from phone screen.

  2. Open the More tab and activate the photos option.

  3. Here you will find all photos you have asked Aira agents to take on your behalf. When tapping a photo, you will hear the photo description if one was provided.

Phone: How do I save a photo an agent took for me to my phone?

The photos that are located in the photos section of the Aira app are saved in the cloud. If you would like to save them to your phone’s memory:

  1. Open Aira app from phone screen.

  2. Open the More tab.

  3. Activate the Photos item.

  4. In the list of photos, activate a photo you want to save to your phone.

  5. The photo will now be in full screen mode. Near the top right corner of the screen is a Save button. Activate this and the photo will be saved to your phone’s camera roll. The description will also be available when saving the photo so you can identify it quickly when going through your phone’s photos.

Phone: How do I share a photo an agent took for me to social media or with friends?

Similar to saving a photo to your phone’s memory, you can share the photo with various services like social media, emailing to friends and family, or sending as a text message.

  1. Open Aira app from phone screen.

  2. Open the More tab.

  3. Activate the Photos item.

  4. In the list of photos, activate a photo you want to share.

  5. The photo will now be in a full screen view. Activate the Share button in the top right corner of the screen to be presented with all the available sharing options.

  6. Activate the service you want to share the photo with and complete your post, tweet, message, email etc.

I am going into a situation where I would like to have privacy. What do I do with the agent on line?

Often times explorers will go into situations where they need to pause working with the Aira agent.  There are two things you can do. 1.  If you prefer you can always end the call and call back when you are ready to resume your session.  Agents are always in contact with each other and will pass on the notes from your existing session if they know you will be calling back. 2.  You can activate privacy mode.  Privacy mode pauses video and audio until you toggle it off when you are ready to resume the session.  To enable privacy mode, simply activate the privacy mode button on the  active call screen of the app.  The active call screen shows the agent's name along with the duration of the call.  When you are ready to resume the session with your agent, simply deactivate the privacy mode button by double tapping it again.  Your agent's video and audio will be restored.

Aira App Features

Aira Messages

What is Messages and how do I use it?

Messages allow Explorers and agents to communicate over text during a call.

If you are on a call with an agent and happened to enter a quiet place, such as the library, you can select Messages on the call screen to start texting your agent, and your agent can either talk to you or text you back.

If you are already in a quiet place, such as a movie theater, and would like to get popcorn, you can go to the home screen and tap on “Call Aira with a text message”. Here, you can type out what you’re calling about so that your agent can read it as they pick up your call.

What are preset messages? How do I edit my preset messages?

Preset messages are shortcuts that you can customize in the More tab before you make a call. With Messages enabled, you can edit your preset messages by going to the More tab, tapping on Messages under Advanced Features, then selecting preset messages. After you select Messages during a call, you can find your preset messages by tapping on the plus icon on the top right corner of the screen.

How long will my text message conversation with agents be saved for?

For now, your text messages with agents will be saved for 24 hours to allow agents to retrieve from your message history more quickly during a call. This can change in the future if a longer message history proves to be useful to many people.

Can my agent still talk to me when I text my agent?

By default, your agent will talk to you even if you’re texting them. However, you can request they only text you if that’s what you wish.

What happens if I disable Messages?

Disabling Messages in the More tab will remove the Messaging option during a call on your app, as well as the “Call Aira with a text message” button on the home screen.

Can I use a braille input to type a message?

Yes, you can. We would recommend using a Bluetooth or wired headset while typing with a braille input. That way your audio will not switch between speaker to phone as a result of your hands blocking the proximity sensor.

Aira Live

How do I go live while in an Aira session?

While connected to an Aira agent, simply tell the agent you would like to make this session Live. The agent will activate this function from their dashboard. They will offer you the choice to make this a public or private stream and ask you for a name of the live session. Once done, your live session will be available for any Aira Explorers or Guests to access in the Live tab of the app.

Will my video, GPS or other data be broadcasted during a live stream?

No. Only the audio will be live.

Where can I find specific live streams?

Simply tap the Live tab at the bottom of the Aira app and you will see a list of active live streams. From this list, you can select a live stream to join or search for a specific live stream by using the search box at the top of the screen.

Can my friends access my live stream on a browser or social media?

Not at this time. Access to live streams can be found in the app. During your live stream, your friends can sign up as a Guest for free on the Aira app, select the Live tab, search your session title, and tap to join. If your live stream is private, be sure to provide your friends with your passcode. They can download the Aira app by visiting

How can my sighted friends listen to my live stream?

They can download the Aira app by visiting and sign up for a free Guest account. On the Aira app’s Live tab, at any given time or place, Guests can search your live stream title then tap to join. If your live stream is private, be sure to provide your friends with your passcode.

Will my live stream be available after it ends?

No. Currently there is no way to retrieve or listen to the live stream after it ends. However, we will be adding a sharing mechanism really soon!

Can I set my live stream to private during a live stream?

No. You need to set the privacy level before starting the live stream. Once you ask an agent to go live on a session, they will confirm with you whether you want it to be publicly available or private with a three-digit passcode you set for yourself.

What would I use a private live stream for?

Perhaps you are at a conference, or some other gathering with friends who are blind or low vision, and it would be beneficial for them to hear an Aira agent describe an event or assist with navigational directions. By simply asking the agent to go live with the session, and then making it private with a three-digit code, your session is unique and secure to only your group. Then, while walking or attending an event, your entire group can hear the same live description being provided by an Aira agent.

What if I set the same passcode as another private live stream?

Passcodes are specific to each live stream and do not conflict.

Does stopping the live broadcast end my session with my Aira agent?

No. There are many situations where you may want to end the live stream but may need to further work with an Aira agent. Simply telling the agent to end the live stream will stop the live feed but keep you connected to the agent. If you end the call, it will conclude the live session automatically.

Are there any situations where an agent will not go live?

If the nature of the session or environment breaks Aira’s Terms of Service, the agent is authorized to deny activating a live broadcast.

Are my live streams recorded?

Per the Aira Terms of Service (read: there are situations in which an Aira session is recorded which therefore includes a live stream. As such the live stream is subject to those same policies as it relates to recording and retention.

YouTube Tutorials

Tech Tips

Setting up Aira Messages

Calling with Aira Messages

Crossing The Street

What is Aira’s street-crossing policy?

Aira agents will now provide minimal, relevant information to Explorers who are actively crossing an intersection when prompted by an Explorer and when circumstances change during the crossing.

Agents will provide full descriptions of an intersection as you approach it. Once you reach the corner and the agent has finished describing the intersection, the agent will stay silent to give the Explorer an opportunity to ask for any additional details or to begin listening to their surroundings.

At this point, if you ask an agent before crossing to provide specific information relevant to the intersection (like, “Let me know if I start to veer”) they will do so. If you request information while actively crossing an intersection, or if circumstances change during the crossing, then the agent must provide this information while you cross the street.

When is Aira’s street-crossing policy explained to me as an Explorer?

The policy is explained in our Terms of Service, when you click through our onboarding screens the first time you download the Aira app, and, finally, when you receive your personalized onboarding by an agent.

What should I expect when crossing the street while connected to an Aira agent?

You will receive as much information about the intersection as possible, beginning about half a block from the intersection. This information includes, but is not limited to: the shape of the intersection, the number of lanes that will be crossed, the presence of any medians, what the crosswalk and curbs are like, how the intersection is controlled (stop sign vs. stoplight), and where the pedestrian signal button is located (if applicable). The agent can offer any other information about the intersection that you request. Once at the curb, if an agent can clearly see the pedestrian signal, they can let you know when the signal has changed in your favor if you have requested them to do so. Once you have finished any follow-up questions about the intersection and have located the curb, the agent will stay silent to give you an opportunity to ask for any additional details or to begin listening to your surroundings.

If you ask an agent before crossing to provide specific information relevant to the intersection while you cross, they will do so. If you request information while actively crossing an intersection, or if circumstances change during the crossing, then the agent must provide this information while you cross the street.

What are the constraints that stop an agent from being able to assess the entire situation?

While agents can see what is directly in front of an Explorer, agents are limited to the information captured by the camera. This means there may be important information that an Explorer could gather audibly (e.g., an oncoming vehicle) that agents will not see because it is outside of the camera’s field of view.

Can an agent inform me if circumstances change while crossing the street?

Yes. If circumstances change while you’re crossing the street, an agent is allowed to provide relevant information such as, but not limited to:

  • If you’re veering out of the crosswalk
  • If you’re veering toward traffic or an active roadway
  • If you’re crossing an intersection diagonally
  • If a new obstacle (something not seen during the description of the intersection prior to crossing) has entered your path

Please remember that agents can only provide information on what can be clearly seen through their dashboard video feed. If an agent cannot see the information requested, they will say so.

What about streets that do not have sidewalks and force me to walk in the street?

When there are no paved sidewalks in the area, an agent can still assist an Explorer. However, instead of having constant communication with the Explorer, the agent will keep contact to a minimum and give quick bursts of information as needed, much like they do in parking lots.

What if there is an emergency in the middle of the intersection (eg. I trip and fall or I am hit by a moving object)?

We have an emergency protocol in case this situation ever arises. The agent will stay on the call with the Explorer and begin actively communicating with our designated emergency point of contact, who will escalate the situation appropriately and contact emergency services as necessary.

Can an agent tell me if there is oncoming traffic?

Agents can confirm the general direction and flow of traffic. An agent will give as much information as possible about the static aspects of the intersection before crossing commences. Agents will let you know if circumstances change and you start to veer toward traffic or an active roadway.

I am also deaf, can an agent speak to me in an intersection?

Aira agents can speak to Explorers who are deaf or hard of hearing using the app’s messaging feature – so long as they follow the Street-Crossing Policy covered above.

Parking Lots

Will an agent assist me with navigating through a parking lot?

Aira agents will provide an overview path to navigate a parking lot, followed by point-to-point directions, and will also answer questions. The only difference between navigating a parking lot and sidewalk navigation is the limitation of conversation: agents will only give point-to-point information.

Inappropriate Behavior And Uncomfortable Tasks

What is considered inappropriate behavior?

Aira’s Terms of Service cover general prohibitions of the service and specifically call out that you will not use the Aira service in any way that “(iv) is harassing, threatening or insulting to others, including agents and other Aira users.”

What happens if an agent is uncomfortable with a task?

To provide an environment rooted in safety and respect, agents are trained to let an Explorer know they will assist with finding sighted assistance in their physical environment, or they will escalate the session to a supervisor if they feel uncomfortable with the request. As an Explorer, you can also ask to speak with a supervisor if you believe an agent is passing on the task unnecessarily.

Can I ask an agent for their personal details?

Both Explorers and agents are requested to refrain from asking any personal questions that are not related to accomplishing a task, as well as to refrain from contacting each other outside of a session through email or social media.