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Enhance Accessibility At Your Workplace With Aira

The Aira Employer Network is a collection of organizations that have purchased Aira Access for use on their premises by employees, customers, and guests who are blind or have low vision.

With 10 million people who are blind or low vision in the US, and another 75,000 being added each year, delivering access to visual information should be a top concern for every employer. Aira’s unique service provides instant access to visual information for blind and low vision employees, enhancing productivity and building an accommodating environment for your workplace.

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How It Works

Aira Access enables third party organizations, such as corporations, to provide free access to Aira's services. Organizations use Aira Access to meet ADA requirements, to be a leader in their category, and to better serve and engage the blind or low vision community.

We'll work with you to identify the best Aira Access option for your business to enhance experiences for your blind and low vision employees. We will then set up the app to reflect your chosen Aira Access option - whether it's adding a business profile or a new "promotions" option. We'll work with you to define the parameters for using your chosen option, build it into the app, and help communicate it.

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The Aira Employment Program

Why Employment?

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Unacceptable unemployment rate for people who are blind or low vision, with most estimates around 70%.

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Our data suggests the use of Aira in workplace environments has risen substantially to over 25% of all sessions. A major part of which are a wide variety of job search related situations.

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Over 100,000 job seekers who are blind or low vision are actively looking for employment today.

Aira Can Benefit Your Business

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Save Time and Money

At just the touch of a button, our professional agents provide objective visual information to employees who are blind or low vision - enhancing employee efficiency to save time and money, while unlocking potential.

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Find and Retain the Best Talent

By offering the best accessibility platforms, you can attract the best talent to your company. Someone who is blind or has low vision may be the best candidate because they are more likely to apply for roles that suit their passions, skills, and qualifications.

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Build Morale and Get Results

Nearly 2/3 of companies polled by the Job Accommodation Network reported overall company morale and productivity were increased when accommodations were made for workers with a range of disabilities.

Some Employers In Our Network

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Creating More Accessibility For All Aira Members Seeking A Job

Free Aira For Job Search Related Tasks

Aira is offering free service for all members who are looking for new employment. From application to interview, Aira will provide unlimited free calls to agents for job-search related tasks. Examples of tasks that will be covered include:

  • Creating and reviewing resumes
  • Filling out job applications
  • Traveling to and from job fairs
  • Selecting outfits for interviews
  • Getting oriented to the facility of a prospective employer
  • Accessing inaccessible content on job interviews
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All Aira Members Qualify

Any Aira member who is seeking employment, regardless of whether they are currently employed, is entitled to free Aira minutes for job-search functions. These agent calls will not be deducted from your regular plan minutes if you subscribe to the Aira service.

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Taking Advantage Of The Program Is Easy

  • There are no special steps required
  • When you're ready to start your job search, simply place a call to an Aira agent and perform your first task
  • The agent will categorize the activity as being employment related
  • If it is not immediately obvious that the activity is related to a job search (i.e. updating a resume), please let the agent know
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Taking 70% to under 7% together

Become an Aira member and enhance your job search today!