Welcome to the Aira Desktop app

A ‘ready for work’ productivity tool.

Aira Desktop app is a computer-centric browser-based application that provides the most convenient, secure and efficient way to access Aira’s visual interpreters in a friction free, fast time-to-task solution to overcome obstacles, and engage Agents on digital tasks directly from a computer.


A limited function beta is available now. As with any beta software, there are limitations to functionality and there may be accessibility issues.  We are working to make this the most usable app including focus on accessibility, hence your feedback is valuable. 


Please remember, calls to Agents and corresponding time will be charged in the same manner as when you use the Aira Mobile app.


This is a browser-based application, no download necessary.

Before you can share your microphone, webcam, or screen, you will need to grant permissions to the Aira Desktop app. For audio and video, you only need to grant permissions once per device and then you can seamlessly turn your audio and video on and off during your call, although screen share will ask for permission each time.

Although we have attempted to make the Aira for Desktop experience as easy as possible, some browsers and operating systems require special setup before you can use Aira on your computer. This page contains setup instructions first Mac and Windows, and then for each supported web browser: Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


Webcam and Microphone

  • Today when you call an Agent on the Aira Desktop app you can share your webcam with an Agent. This allows you to work hands free on variety of tasks such as holding up objects for identification, reading, or observing.


  • You can share your screen with an Agent on a call. Today this functionality is limited to view only so the Agent cannot take control of your computer.  Should the need arise for remote control, the screen share allows for a speedy way to share the connection information on programs such as TeamViewer with an Agent as well as no need to use the phone while you are on the computer.

Messaging an Agent

  • During a call you can talk to an agent with messages. This can be useful when sharing information such as website URLs and other details.

Upcoming Features


  • Soon you will be able to share files (to and from) with an Agent during a call without having to use email!

Starting a call with a message + File

  • Soon you be able to start a call with a prefilled message and attach files for an Agent to use when they connect on your call.
  • To Mute Audio 
    • On Windows Control + D 
    • On Mac Command + D
  • To Turn off Video 
    • On Windows Control + E 
    • On Mac Command + E
  • To Start Screen Share
    • On Windows Control + Shift + S
    • On Mac Command + Shift + S
  • To Start Call
    • On Windows Control + Shift + U
    • On Mac Command + Shift + U
  • To End Call
    • On Windows Control + Shift + U
    • On Mac Command + Shift + U

We invite you to use the in app feedback form to let us know about your experiences.


Aira Customer Care is ready to answer your questions.  The can be reached daily between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Pacific time at 1-800-835-1934.