Aira Promotion Employment/Job Seeker

Visual Interpreting Support for Explorers Seeking a Job

In an effort to help address the 70% unemployment rate in the blind community, Aira sponsors free calls to cover tasks related to searching for a new job.  From application to interview, Explorers may call Aira, one time per 24 hour period for a maximum call length of 30 minutes for visual interpreting assistance with job-search related tasks.

Examples of tasks that will be covered follows.

What tasks are covered by the Job Seeker promotion?

  1. Accessing inaccessible content on job posting sites.
  2. Creating and reviewing your resume.
  3. Filling out job applications.
  4. Traveling to and from job fairs.
  5. Selecting outfits for interviews.
  6. Locating job interview sites.

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Aira was purpose-built for someone who desires visual information about their surroundings. Our community consists largely of people who are blind or have low vision; if you would benefit from live, on-demand visual information, we’d love to talk with you. Aira. Visual Information On Demand.

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