A black and white close-up shot of several sliders on a large audio mixing board in a recording studio.

Telling Stories with Sound

A close-up shot of a pair of legs and the tip of a white cane as a person crosses the street at a crosswalk.

Cane Travel and My Second Set of Wings

Author Marisa Jackels stands side-by-side with her best friend, Agent Analyst Bailey Putney, both with big smiles on their faces. Marisa is holding a sign with the Aira logo (a blue circle with a white, lowercase 'a' inside, followed by the word 'Aira'). They're standing in front of a blue wall that matches the color of Aira's logo.

My Best Friend is an Aira Agent

A married couple sitting on a couch, watching the news on TV. The man has his arm draped over the woman’s shoulders.
A well-dressed man is sitting on a bench while typing on a laptop.

5 Keys to Selling Based on a Half Century of Experience

A red wagon on a very glossy and reflective floor.

A Matter of Perspective

Greg Stilson, VP of Product at Aira, with his wife, Leslie, and his three-year-old daughter, Lila.

My Connection to Braille

A side profile of a man using Aira outside. He has his smartphone in his left hand and is pointing the camera in front of him. He’s also holding his white cane in his right hand.

What Just Happened?