Walgreens Joins the Aira Access Network to Provide Free Aira Service in Stores Nationwide

November 13th, 2018

Walgreens logo, with slogan "Trusted since 1901"

Today, Aira is pleased to share that Walgreens, one of the nation’s largest retailers, is the latest to join the Aira Access Network to provide free Aira service to shoppers who are blind or low vision.

Aira connects people who are blind or low vision with a live, sighted agent who provides visual information on-demand. Walgreens shoppers will be able to use the Aira app on their mobile phone to locate products, read labels, use self-checkout kiosks, and more.

Walgreens has a history of breaking new ground to meet its customers’ needs and improve their health, from offering self-service stores beginning in the 1950s to developing a 5-star rated mobile app used by customers across the nation. Today, Walgreens continues its tradition of innovation by becoming the first healthcare retailer and pharmacy chain to enable free Aira Access – meaning that Aira is free to use in any one of the 9,560 Walgreens stores in the United States.

“Aira Access is all about ensuring that people can access visual information when and where they need it,” said Suman Kanuganti, CEO of Aira. “Walgreens is a big presence in American life, and we’re excited that Aira will now be a part of the shopping experience for Walgreens customers who are blind or low vision.”

Aira is now available in all Walgreens stores across the United States. Shoppers can take advantage by downloading the Aira app on their Apple or Android phone, completing a quick registration, and placing a call when visual assistance is needed with shopping-related tasks.

Happy shopping!

About Aira

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence; RA stands for Remote Access. When you put them together you get Aira. Aira is a service that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to connect people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. At the touch of a button, Aira delivers instant access to information, enhancing everyday efficiency, engagement, and independence.

Visit aira.io or call 800-835-1934 to learn more.

Watch this video to learn more about the Aira Access Network.


What can you do with Aira at Walgreens?

  • Find specific items in the aisles
  • Find a staff member to help address your specific needs
  • Navigate to the pharmacy
  • Identify the shortest checkout line
  • Identify items on sale
  • Sort coupons to get the best deal

How does it work?

If you have allowed Aira notifications, your Aira app will notify you that you’ve entered a free Aira Access location. While in an Aira Access Location, tap on the notification or open your Aira app to connect with an agent for free.

Can my friends use it too?

Absolutely! They can download the Aira app here and register for free as a Guest to navigate the store with their phone.

Do I need to use my Aira smart glasses?

As an Explorer, you can use your smart glasses or your phone. Guests can only use Aira for free in Aira Access Locations by using their smartphone.

Is there a limit to how long I can use Aira at Walgreens?

No! You can use Aira for as long as you need during your Walgreens experience.