Aira for Veterans

Enhance independence and empower Veterans to accomplish goals

Requesting Aira from the Department of Veterans Affairs

For each two-year contract, costs include:
  • One-time purchase fee, paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Monthly charge of $29 for 400 minutes of service, paid by the Veteran
Click the "Request Aira" button below if you want access to Aira's services and are a Veteran, work for the Department of Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Services, or work with blinded Veterans.

Aira: Today’s Leading Assistive Technology

Aira connects users to remotely-located human agents that provide a more engaging and empowering experience than other assistive technologies. Aira agents deliver objective visual information in a way that complements Orientation and Mobility skills with unmatched professionalism. All tasks and navigation are firmly in the user’s control because Aira provides an end-to-end user experience that promotes enhanced independence and engagement with one’s environment.

Aira proudly welcomes home our military-affiliated families and Veterans throughout the Aira family. Our brave heroes comprise roughly 20% of our workforce, serving as agents to the Director of Development. Aira possesses a unique military and Veteran friendly atmosphere that promotes the military culture’s teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership to assist with all aspects of life’s journey.

Requesting Aira as a Veteran

Veterans with a visual impairment or blindness may qualify for Aira’s special VA pricing plan or GSA contract upon completion of a Department of Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Services program. The first step in this process is to talk about Aira with your Visual Impairment Services Team Coordinator (VIST). Here are some tasks worth mentioning when talking about Aira:

  • Navigate new environments and provide directions
  • Read and sort mail, complete forms, and sign documents
  • Receive real-time descriptions of immediate surroundings
  • Recognize faces, facial expressions, and other non-verbal communications
  • Navigate inaccessible websites and troubleshoot visual computer issues
  • Use touchscreen appliances and technology

What Can a Veteran Do with Aira?

  • Living Skills: Enhance independence by empowering users to efficiently accomplish any number of daily living tasks; such as identifying colors, managing money, and taking part in family activities.
  • Manual Skills: Rediscover old hobbies and pastimes; such as playing musical instruments, working with computers, and engaging with family members in visual activities.
  • Orientation and Mobility: Working as a supplement to O&M skills, and NOT as a replacement or competition to the Veteran’s learned O&M skills, Aira agents provide visual information that enhances a user’s ability to: navigate their surroundings, identify objects, engage more fully in meetings and social events, and more.
  • Computer Access Support: Aira agents, using video streaming and remote computer access technology, collaborate with users to make accessibility tools even more accessible by troubleshooting error messages and software crashes. Aira agents can also assist Veterans with inaccessible websites and other technology.

Request Aira for a Veteran


Requesting Aira is a straightforward process. Just fill out the form below if you are a Veteran, VIST Coordinator, or blind rehabilitation professional and want access to Aira’s services.


The VA pays a one-time purchase fee, and Veterans pay a monthly charge of $29 for 400 minutes of service. After a period of two years, a Veteran can either request reissuance of Aira from the VA, or consider an alternative pricing plan. All hardware and insurance costs are covered.

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