Ryan Bishop Promoted to Aira’s Product Manager

February 3rd, 2021

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Throughout my career, I’ve had the good fortune of working with some amazing technical teams and product managers.  The PM role requires a vast skill set ranging from curiosity to creativity to a meticulous attention to detail.  From day one, Aira built the company and our product with the Community and in lock step with the Customer.  When Greg Stilson, our previous PM announced he would be taking a position as the Head of Innovation at APH and I took over as CEO, I started thinking about the right person to take the reins as Aira’s Product Manager.  Today, I am proud to announce that Ryan Bishop has been promoted to Product Manager.  I asked Ryan to share his thoughts on his path to Aira and the new role:

I first learned about Aira while attending the 2018 CSUN conference.  At first I was hesitant to try this new service, so much so that I didn’t even activate my free trial at the conference, and had to shamefully call customer care a week later and hope they’d activate me. They did and I received my first set of equipment soon after. Even though I had made the mental leap to giving it a try, making my first call wasn’t easy but when I finally decided to push that button, the moment the agent came on the line, things changed. It was unbelievable to me that a service like Aira existed, and from that moment on I was a convert. Going from user to employee still to this day is something that surprises me, as it was totally by chance on the careers page. Being between jobs I was scavenging job sites and company websites and had found a job in customer care. I had no idea at that point, some of the best journeys in my life were about to begin.

Ryan Bishop and his guide dog Australia sitting on the fireplace

I grew up as a fully blind individual, but never let that stop me from achieving any goal. Even so, I’ve always made as much of a push as I could to make the world better for other blind people as well.  I’ll openly admit to anyone who asks that Product Manager or any position in business wasn’t my first choice when I started my professional career path, but it was something I grew into after finding my passion for it. Starting out, I actually took classes in, and worked in various computer facing jobs, mainly in HTML/CSS, and server administration focusing on Cyber Security as well as taking on various projects in my spare time. A project most might know in the BLV community is my work on RSGames, a gaming platform that brings people together to enjoy games such as Uno, Monopoly and at this writing about 18 other games. Even though I might be following a business path, I’ve also learned that my tech path will always be a part of me, and I’m proud of the experience gained.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the chance to try a few different roles as a care agent, being a leader in the customer care department, but my most honored title has to be Product Manager. In this role, I am looking forward to making an amazing service even better, and getting to work with some of the most amazing people possible. It is my hope that by listening to all of our customers, access partners, and stakeholders, Aira can continue to be an important part of someone’s accessibility toolkit.  With that being said, I want to extend an ear to anyone who has any ideas, big or small to help the company grow, because working together is the best way for us to Do More as an Aira Family. I’m looking forward to many years to come and I’d like to thank the teammates I’ve worked with, the executive team for believing in me, but more than that, all of the Aira Explorers and Access Partners because without you, this opportunity wouldn’t be possible. 

– Ryan Bishop, Aira Product Manager

Learn more about Aira at www.aira.io.