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US and Canada

The same Aira personal plans are available for both the United States and Canada.

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Australia and New Zealand

We have a personal plan just for you Australia and New Zealand, with the option to purchase Austria Smart Glasses.

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Pilot Program

Aira is currently running a pilot program in the UK and Ireland! To join the pilot program, click on the button below.

Pilot Program

The UK and Ireland

Join the Aira Pilot Program! Sign up by filling out the form and a member of the Aira team will contact you. Live outside of the UK and Ireland? You can fill in the form anyway and we will let you know you when Aira becomes available in your country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the pilot program?

Only residents of the UK and Ireland will be considered for pilot testers.

What are the current hours of operation?

Aira agents are available 24/7, which means you may connect with an Aira agent at any time. You may access Aira agents as often as you like within your monthly minute allowance. Our Customer Care Team is available daily from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time.

Do I need a smartphone and credit card to participate in the pilot program?

Yes. A credit card and a smartphone are required. This will be a phone-only application for a limited time. Applicants must be a smartphone user to apply to the program. No data or smart glasses are provided for this current pilot program.

Will there be a confidentiality agreement?

Yes. As with any technology tester program, a confidentiality agreement including social and media limitations must be signed and released.

What is the price to participate in the pilot program?

The pilot program will be $89 USD per month for 200 minutes.

How many people can participate in the pilot program?

Limited space is available to those who are selected for the soft launch. Not all applications will be accepted into this program.

What happens when fully launched?

Once fully launched anyone can enroll to become an Explorer with full benefits.

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