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Aira Campus Network

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The Aira Campus Network is a collective of educational institutions that have enabled Aira Access on their campuses. Providing every blind or low-vision student, employee, or visitor with instant access to visual information.

Back to School Program

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Our Back to School program grants students and teachers who are blind and low vision with free access to Aira’s technology and services. Enhancing their efficiency to do more, and engage more, every day. Please note that participation is subject to annual enrollment periods.

Aira Campus Network

How does it work?

Setting up your campus as an Aira Access Location is simple:

  • Choose to set up Aira Access for one, or several, campus locations.
  • We geofence your chosen location(s) to allow anyone using Aira from inside to connect with an agent for free.
A GIF that shows how an Aira Access Location works. A campus sets up an Aira Access Location, a user enters the Aira Access Location and then calls an Aira agent for free.

What are the benefits?

Aira Access brings a wealth of benefits to your campus:

  • Become a progressive leader in education
  • Create a “no barriers” campus
  • Enhance in-class experiences
  • Enrich campus life
  • Make inaccessible reading materials accessible
An aerial photo of a campus with students walking between buildings.

Back to School

See how students who took part in the Back to School program were impacted by Aira.

Turn your campus into an Aira Campus