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Join Aira today and your second month is on us!

Every day, our community of Aira users are exploring further with the help of wearable smart glasses and our highly-trained agents. For a limited time, we are giving new subscribers credit towards a free month of Aira! This credit will be automatically applied towards your second month with Aira.

Each plan is paid at a simple monthly rate, with no additional charges or hidden fees. You may cancel or change your plan at any time.

Basic Plan. 100 regular minutes a month for $89. Select Basic Plus Plan. 200 regular minutes a month for $129. Select Plus Pro Plan. 400 regular minutes a month for $199. Select Pro Premium Plan. Unlimited regular minutes a month for $329. Go Premium
All Plans Include
  • Glasses
  • Data (via AT&T Mifi)
  • Insurance for hardware
  • Training Session
  • 4am - 10pm PST access to agents
Need Help? Email us at or call 1-800-835-1934.