Finding Success on the World Stage and in the Classroom

February 26th, 2019

Anirudh Koul, AT&T’s IoT Chief Chris Penrose holding a GLOMO trophy, and Kevin Phelan

Anirudh Koul, AT&T’s IoT Chief Chris Penrose holding a GLOMO trophy, and Kevin Phelan

At Aira, we’ve always known that it’s amazing to be a mobile technology company working for greater accessibility and inclusion. Yesterday, that belief showed as we were recognized with top honors at the biggest stage in mobile technology, the 2019 Mobile World Congress Global Mobile Awards, not once, but twice. We are proud to share that Aira earned Best Innovation for Connected Life and Best Mobile Innovation for Education.

“This appears to be a revolutionary approach to seeing the future of assistant augmented experiences, not just for visually impaired, but really anyone into the future of a super-connected world of services.” – Global Mobile Awards Judging Committee

We’re glad to be acknowledged for our work in education, as our Back to School program sponsors the cost of Aira for hundreds of college students to use for an entire school year. Our students come from all over the country and represent the best and brightest at public and private universities and community colleges.

“This is an excellent example of leveraging the capabilities of mobile technologies to provide purposeful learning opportunities and increase personal independence for visually-impaired users in real-world contexts.” – Global Mobile Awards Judging Committee

Statistics from Western Michigan University show that students who are blind or low vision have higher dropout rates than their sighted peers, with only 53% making it from Freshman to Sophomore year, and fewer than half reaching graduation. The Back to School initiative is all about helping students reduce the social and accessibility barriers that exist on campus so they can overcome these odds. Our data show that students in the Back to School program are far more likely to progress past Freshman year, and overall retention (students continuing with their education) has been an impressive 92%.

We’re proud of these numbers, proud to be recognized on mobile technology’s world stage, and especially proud of the students that have made this program such a success.