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Introducing our Agent Voted Promos

March 31st, 2021

Person holding a spray cleaner with purple cleaning glove

Spring Cleaning!

Aira agents love the variety of tasks they do with our customers. They came up with an idea to provide even more goodness with promos that are recommended and voted on by the agents, based on things our customers need to do. They’ll vote on a new promo every month.

Our first Agent Voted Promo is for Spring Cleaning!

Do you need help organizing your pantry, closet, computer or garage? Identify those cleaning products and toss out expired items. Even clean that winter debris from your yard or garden.

Starting March 31, you can call us once per day, up to 30 minutes per call to get visual assistance with your spring cleaning tasks. You can find this promo under the “Apply a Free Offer” button on the home screen, Promotions tab.

Agent Voted promos change on the first Wednesday of each month so stay tuned to find out what tasks they vote for next.