In our mission to remove economic barriers to Aira, we have decided to make the service free for anyone to use on a basic level, and to focus our efforts on expanding the Aira Access Network. To make this a reality, we're shifting our resources from establishing the Do More Foundation to growing the Aira Access Network.

Thank you for supporting the Do More Foundation.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Do More Foundation is to support and advance transformative technological solutions that transcend accessibility and empower people who are blind or low vision.

The vision of the Do More Foundation is a world wherein detailed visual information is available instantly to people who are blind, allowing seamless navigation from task to task, destination to destination. Where once barriers existed for people who are blind or visually impaired, clear pathways now dominate the landscape. To make this vision a reality, we support the technology-driven solutions of Aira Tech Corp. By disseminating these solutions to the people who need them, independence and inclusiveness abound. We partner with the people who use this technology, as well as educators, industry experts and community leaders in order to provide comprehensive, experiential solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired.