CES 2018: Further Insights

January 24th, 2018

Everyone knows that CES is the largest consumer electronics show in the world, garnering (in a total area of 2.6 million square feet) the hottest, most innovative and high-powered gadgets around — ranging from assistive technology, self-driving cars, and AI.

But how do we help make an event like this more accessible (and thus more meaningful and exciting) for blind and low-vision attendees?

At CES 2018, Aira implemented an idea that worked extremely well in this regard: granting Aira’s Explorer users and other BV I attendees Unlimited Aira service at the event, which made live, personalized narrations possible for Explorers and users via agents, travel easier throughout the large exhibit areas, function spaces, and group presentations that comprised the four-day event. Our goal was to push the levels of rich experiences available at CES, equally to all visitors,” including featuring timely insights by from futuristic thinkers such as Sujeeth Kanuganti, Aira Chief Technology Officer, in his panel discussion titled “All Eyes on Augmented Reality.”

We were particularly impressed by other key features at CES, including touring AccessibleOlli, and the solid tech advances of AR, and VoiceFirst. I was alsso thrilled with how rapid Augmented Reality is taking over the floor space at CES in the last 3 years. Finally, with its surprise big entry ever, Google made it clear the importance of Voice First in our near future with its “Hey Google” demo stations spread throughout the CES space. I am proud to have offered free Aira for all our explorers throughout CES. “

Greg Stilson, Aira Director Of Product Management, also offered insight from his perspective as a first-time CES attendee. “I was absolutely blown away by the incredible number of people who attend this show,he said. More importantly I was so excited to see the amount of interest in accessibility. From the companies showcased in Accessible Ally, to the focus on using one’s voice to control items, the concept of inclusive design is on many companies’ minds, he added.”


Moreover, a key video filmed about Aira technology at CES 2018 by the blog Tech Crunch has gone live recently. The film features our own Greg Stilson, who is himself an Aira Explorer, and whom you will not want to miss.