Game of Words

Thank you for visiting the Game of Words contest page. The Game of Words contest is now closed. To participate in future promotions create a free Aira account by downloading the Aira app at

How To Play

  • Contestants must have an Aira account to be eligible to play. If you don't have an Aira account, you can register for a free or paid account at:
  • Aira will randomly select contestant from eligible list of entries. The contest will take place once a week, for five weeks beginning on May 27. One contestant will be selected for each contest.
  • The selected contestant will team up with an Aira Agent during a call and will be given a specific word prior to the start of the round.
  • The team has three minutes to identify each letter of the given word by finding letters on, but not limited to, any form of documents, signs, labels, or other objects in their environment. As the agent reads content out loud, the contestant will yell out the letter when they've identified it, and the letter will be counted towards the target word.
  • The contestant and agent will need to use different objects per letter to make up the given word. For example, if the target word is BINGO, and the contestant uses a receipt to find the letter B, they will be unable to use the same receipt for the remaining letters. Letters must be in order of the target word.
  • A judge will be present to ensure the rules of the game are adhered to.
  • If contestant and agent succeed in identifying all the correct letters, the contestant will win the available Tech or Cash Prize announced in the prior episode of Blind Bargains.
  • Even if the contestant doesn’t win the Tech or Cash prize, they’ll still win a prize for playing the game: a free month of the Aira Intro Plan.
  • A new target word will be provided for each contestant selected to play.

Rules to Play

  • No purchase necessary to play or win. You may register for a free guest account at
  • You must be a legal U.S. citizen to play or win.
  • Contestants must have an Aira account (free or paid) to participate. If you do not have an Aira Account, you can register at:
  • Contestants are determined by a random drawing of all eligible entries from this signup page. The contest will take place once a week, for five weeks beginning on May 27. One contestant will be selected for each contest.
  • Only one entry is accepted per person. Additional entries beyond the first will be omitted.
  • Substitute prizes or cash value for a prize will not be awarded.
  • Prizes will be sent by mail. You have 30 days to present address details for delivering. After 30 days, the prize will expire.
  • Must be 18 or older to signup
  • Aira is not responsible for technical difficulties of any sort, or any other issues that may cause problems with entering contests.
  • If there is a texting component to the contest, standard data and text messaging rates may apply.
  • Registrants’ and winners’ names and their likenesses may be used for future marketing and promotional purposes without further compensation.
  • The winner is directly responsible for any and all taxes associated with the prize.
  • The winner waives any and all claims of liability against Aira or Blind Bargains for any damages, injuries, or other losses which relate directly or indirectly to the promotion or prize.
  • Contest judges' decisions are final.
  • Rules are subject to change without notice.
  • Our use of the information collected on this page is subject to Aira's Privacy Policy: